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Combine 2 Passions into 1 Educational Program

Combine 2 Passions into 1 Education Program

Combine 2 Passions into 1 Educational Program

Combine 2 Passions into 1 Education Program

Studying in Canada as an international student is a big step. You may be thinking of what program to take. If you are not sure of what to study and perhaps have multiple passions, Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers certain programs as bundles. With just one application you can apply and be accepted in two programs.

About Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic focuses on applied research and learning opportunities. As a polytechnic, the institution provides learning according to employer and student needs. The institution has campuses in Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Regina and Saskatoon. The institutions holds a variety of certificate, diploma and degree programs and also have apprenticeship training.

Program Bundles

There are many program bundles available in Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

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Become an In-Demand Technology Leader?

Technology Management

The field of Technology is vast and in high demand. This technology management will prepare you for the challenges of business operations through the complex technology infrastructure. The Technology Management Post-Graduate Certificate is for those who completed a bachelor’s degree in Information and Communications Technology from a recognized post-secondary institution.

Below is an option you combine with Technology Management Post-Graduate Certificate.

Technology Management + Software Developer (Post-Graduate Certificates)

Engineering Career Opportunities in Canada
Engineering Career Opportunities in Canada

Do you love working with Industrial Parts and Materials?

Parts Management Technician

Are you interested in work as a parts person in automotive, agricultural, dealerships, in wholesale centres and for industrial suppliers? Jobs will likely be in mills, warehouses, government or hospitals. Your career option varies from a service writer, shipper/receiver, inventory or purchasing clerk.

Below are some programs you can bundle with Parts Management Technician option.

Parts Management Technician + Automotive Service Technician (Certificates)

Parts Management Technician + Heavy Equipment Truck & Transport Technician (Certificates)  

Parts Management Technician + Auto Body Technician (Certificates)

Parts Management Technician + Carpentry (Certificates)

Parts Management Technician and Agricultural Equipment Technician (Certificates)

Business Leadership

Develop leadership skills in the Business World

Business Management

Did you complete your Bachelor’s Degree? The Business Management post-graduate certificate is an eight-month program that is for those who want to advance their careers in the fields of management, marketing, business communications or accounting.

Below are some programs you can bundle with Business Management Post-Graduate Certificate option.

Business Management + Supply Chain Management (Post-Graduate Certificates)

Business Management + Business Accountancy (Post-Graduate Certificates)

Business Management + Technology Management (Post-Graduate Certificates)

Business Management + Software Developer (Post-Graduate Certificates)

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