Fall 2021 Intakes at Saskatchewan Polytechnic


About Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic serves students through applied learning opportunities. Learning takes place at campuses in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon and through extensive distance education opportunities. Programs serve every economic and public service sector. As a polytechnic, the organization provides the depth of learning appropriate to employer and international students needs, including certificate, diploma and degree programs, and apprenticeship training.

Program NameCampusIntakeSeats RemainingWaitlistedApplication Status
Agricultural Equipment Technician CertificateSaskatoonSep-216

Bachelor of Applied Management DegreeReginaSep-2134

Bachelor of Construction Management DegreeReginaSep-2115

BioScience Technology DiplomaSaskatoonSep-21013Applications closed
Business DiplomaMoose JawSep-2130

Business Management DiplomaPrince AlbertSep-2168

Business Information Systems DiplomaMoose JawSep-2163
Business Information Systems DiplomaReginaSep-2107Applications closed
Building Systems Technician CertificateReginaSep-214

Carpentry CertificatePrince AlbertSep-217

Chemical Technology DiplomaSaskatoonSep-216

Civil Engineering Technologies DiplomaMoose JawSep-2112

Computer Networking Technician CertificateReginaSep-211

Computer Systems Technology DiplomaSaskatoonSep-21014Applications closed
Computer Systems Technology DiplomaReginaSep-2113

Continuing Care Assistant CertificateSaskatoonSep-210
Applications closed
Continuing Care Assistant CertificateReginaSep-2105Applications closed
Continuing Care Assistant CertificatePrince AlbertSep-213

Computer Engineering Technology DiplomaMoose JawSep-2107Applications closed
Design and Manufacturing Engineering Technology DiplomaSaskatoonSep-213

Disability Support Worker CertificateSaskatoonSep-2113

Early Childhood Education DiplomaSaskatoonSep-21012Applications closed
Early Childhood Education DiplomaReginaSep-21010Applications closed
Early Childhood Education DiplomaPrince AlbertSep-21013Applications closed
Educational Assistant CertificateSaskatoonSep-210

Electrical Engineering Technology DiplomaMoose JawSep-2110

Electronic Systems Engineering Technology DiplomaSaskatoonSep-2121
Engineering Design/Drafting Technology DiplomaMoose JawSep-214

Environmental Engineering Technology DiplomaMoose JawSep-211

Fabricator – Welder CertificateSaskatoonSep-212

Fabricator – Welder CertificateReginaSep-211

Food & Nutrition Management DiplomaSaskatoonSep-21014Applications closed
Graphic Communications DiplomaReginaSep-211

Geographic Information Science CertificatePrince AlbertSep-2103
Heavy Equipment Truck and Transport CertificateSaskatoonSep-2110

Hotel and Restaurant Management DiplomaSaskatoonSep-21027Applications closed
Industrial Mechanics CertificateSaskatoonSep-210
Applications closed
Innovative Manufacturing DiplomaReginaSep-216

Instrumentation Engineering Technology DiplomaMoose JawSep-212

Integrated Resource Management DiplomaPrince AlbertSep-210

Interactive Design & Technology DiplomaSaskatoonSep-210

Interactive Design & Technology DiplomaReginaSep-2122
Machinist CertificateSaskatoonSep-210

Machinist CertificateReginaSep-212

Mechanical Engineering Technology DiplomaSaskatoonSep-215

Media Production DiplomaSaskatoonSep-2111

Mining Engineering Technology DiplomaSaskatoonSep-217

Nursing Degree (SCBScN)SaskatoonSep-2102Applications closed
Nursing Degree (SCBScN)ReginaSep-2109Applications closed
Occupational Health & Safety CertificateSaskatoonSep-2108Applications closed
Office Administration CertificateReginaSep-2122

Office Administration CertificatePrince AlbertSep-2121

Parts Management Technician CertificateSaskatoonSep-2143

Post-Grad Business Accountancy CertificateMoose JawSep-2111

Post-Grad Business Management CertificateMoose JawSep-21012Applications closed
Post-Grad Business Management CertificatePrince AlbertSep-210
Applications closed
Post-Grad Cybersecurity CertificateSaskatoonSep-2119

Post-Grad Financial Services CertificateMoose JawSep-2119

Post-Grad Project Management CertificateMoose JawSep-21

Applications closed
Post-Grad Software Developer CertificateSaskatoonSep-218

Post-Grad Supply Chain Management CertificateMoose JawSep-21015Applications closed
Post-Grad Technology Management CertificateMoose JawSep-210
Applications closed
Professional Cooking CertificateMoose JawSep-210
Applications closed
Professional Cooking CertificatePrince AlbertSep-210
Applications closed
Power Engineering Technology DiplomaSaskatoonSep-2108Applications closed
Power Engineering Technician CertificateReginaSep-215

Practical Nursing DiplomaReginaSep-210
Applications closed
Recreation and Community Development DiplomaSaskatoonSep-217

Resource and Environmental Law DiplomaPrince AlbertSep-210

Welding CertificateSaskatoonSep-210

Welding CertificateMoose JawSep-210

Welding CertificateReginaSep-210

Welding CertificatePrince AlbertSep-210

Youth Care Worker CertificateSaskatoonSep-2102

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