Father's Day in Canada

Get Ready To Celebrate Father’s Day Canada


Get ready to celebrate! Father’s Day in Canada fall on June 20th year. Occurring on the third Sunday of June annually, Father’s Day is an opportunity to share appreciation for the Father’s and Father-figures in our lives. Now celebrated in more than 80 countries in the world, this catching holiday began in the US! While the day of celebration may vary globally, the sentiment remains the same, taking a moment to recognise a special relationship. Here are some great ideas to celebrate Father’s Day, or Fête des Pères in Canada this year!


“Happy Father’s Day” will be blasted across shop windows and websites. In Canada, it is common practice to greet all father-figure on Father’s Day with “Happy Father’s Day”. You may share this salutation with your father, grandfather, uncle, guardian, step-father, and friends who are fathers for example.


Cards a popular way to share your appreciation for the “Pops” in your life. You can make a fun homemade card, or leave it to the professionals to write something witty and sentimental by picking up a card from the local gift shop.


A special day out with your loved one is a great way to spend Father’s Day Sunday, and many business and cultural venues offer Father’s Day discounts! Do you have a hobby you like to do together, or a new adventure you’d like to try? Father’s Day is the perfect reason to do it! Traditionally, popular activities include: fishing, watching or participating in sports, a trip to the movies, a museum or the park! Other fun options might be a video game marathon, building something together or an adrenaline filled feat like white water rafting! Maybe you want to play it cool, and take a trip shopping, or relaxing together at home. The options are endless, as long as you’re doing it together.


Picking up a little gifty for Dad? Homemade and purchased gifts are popular, with stores and site sure to be offering deal on the latest gadgets, clothes and popular hobby equipment such as golf clubs and barbecues.


A popular way to celebrate Father’s Day in Canada to enjoy a special meal. Restaurants often have Father’s Day specials, but be sure to book ahead as it is a busy day for a meal out! Some families enjoy making a favourite meal and home, or have a party with other fathers and father figures. What could be more fun on a sunny Sunday than a backyard barbecue celebration?

Party, Party!

While not a statuary holiday, Father’s Day falls on a Sunday and so many people are off work and able to celebrate. For business that operate on Sundays, you can expect regular hours. If you can’t celebrate in person, be sure to give you loved on a phone call to let them know they’re awesome!

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