VSB has been recruiting international students since 1985

Here is why International Students study at Vancouver School Board

Vancouver School Board (VSB) was established in 1886 and is one of the largest campuses in western Canada. There are 18 secondary schools, 89 elementary schools and 1 adult education center under its jurisdiction. There are approximately 50,000 students applying to Vancouver School Board each year.

VSB has been recruiting international students since 1985 and It has set up various courses to accommodate students’ needs. Courses include primary and secondary school courses, internationally recognized university-level courses (International Baccalaureate), short-term training courses, summer English and cultural courses, and ESL language guidance courses. After completing the provincial graduation requirements., overseas students will receive a high school diploma, known as Dogwood Diploma. Students can choose to continue studying in Canadian colleges and universities or studying in other countries.

Advantages of Vancouver Board of Education

  • The only public school board in Vancouver
  • Strong and embracing learning atmosphere
  • A good language environment
  • 28,000 elementary school students, 19,000 middle school students, 1,300 international students and 2,500 adult students
  • The School board has the highest scholarship rate in BC
  • VSB ranks first in the rate of enrollment in BC

International Education Program

The International Education Program provides the opportunity for students to study in Vancouver public schools. Students can study for one year or progress to high school to graduate with grade 12 diploma.


  • Full-year courses: From September to June each year, students study high-quality academic courses until they graduate from secondary school in British Columbia.
    Middle school: G8-G12.
    Elementary school: K-G7.
  • Summer courses: summer courses are held in July and August, suitable for local and international students. The course content is vibrant, including English, entertainment, art, cooking, sports and drama.
  • Internationally recognized university-level courses (AP, IB).
  • ELL language instruction course.
  • Multilingual district staff, district student excursions and access to Vancouver city’s multilingual medical practitioners.

Elementary School Curriculum

The location of elementary schools is distributed in various regions, offering classes ranging from kindergarten to 7th grade. Enrollment of school depends on the student’s English level, age, and neighbourhood. This program also offers Montessori, Mandarin bilingual, fine arts, and French immersion teaching.

High School Curriculum

After thirty years of development, the international education program has continuously improved the curriculum for international students. There are about 1,000 international students are attending Vancouver public schools every year. The school evaluates their academic performance for newcomers to Canada, arranges them in the appropriate grade, and provides English language courses (ESL) for students whose mother tongue is not English to ensure that international students receive a high-quality education.

  • Diploma: BC secondary school graduation
  • Grade: 8 to 12 (13 years old and above)
  • Class size: 20-30 people
  • Number of students in the school: 400 to 2000
  • Teacher-student ratio: 20 – 30 :1
  • Academic year: September to June
  • University further study: Students who successfully complete the 12th grade graduation course meet the application qualifications of most universities.


The Vancouver School Board arrange international students over 13 years of age to live with local host families.

  • Students can learn Canadian culture, lifestyle, customs and habits.
  • The host family provides students with a separate bedroom and three meals a day. Students only need to pay a reasonable monthly fee.
  • If necessary, the homestay parent can also be the guardian of the student in Canada.
    *Students can apply for homestay after being accepted by the Vancouver Board of Education.

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