Top Ten Frozen Treats in Canada to try this Summer

Summer has finally arrived in Canada! Beautiful sunny days do exist in the Great North! The best way to beat the heat is indulging in delicious frozen treats. While there will be ice cream shops, gelato wagons, and confectionary stands galore, for a quick reprieve, here are the best 10 supermarket ice cream treats and popsicles to try this summer.

Number 10: The Bomb Pop

Cherry, lime, and raspberry, oh my! These red, white and blue popsicles may also be called Rocket pops, or Firecracker pops, depending on the brand. A refreshing pop of layered flavours!

Number 9: Revellos

The Revello features vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate ice. A quirky mix between an ice cream bar and a popsicle.

Number 8: Cyclones

Twisty Cyclones are similar in flavour to Bomb Pops. Cyclones are ice pops with cherry, lemon and blue raspberry flavours. Unlike Bomb Pops, Cyclones put these flavours in a different order. Rather than layers of flavours ,Cyclone have a blue raspberry centre that is surrounded by a cherry and lemon twist. Tasty!

Number 7: Häagen-Dasz bars

Luxurious Häagen-Dasz bars are and ice cream bar coated in rich chocolate. These bars have a higher price tag than many other bars on the market, but have a loyal fan base due to the fact their delicious taste is comes from using a minimal list of high quality ingredients. 

Häagen-Dasz often conjures up Northern European influences, but this American invention’s name is actual two made-up words mashed together! What can we say, we love them here in Canada too!

Number 6: Creamsicles

Dreamy Creamsicles…sometimes called Dreamsicles as well! These pops are comprised of vanilla ice cream with an orange ice coating. These delicious bars have inspired numerous culinary spin-offs. You can’t go wrong with orange and vanilla! Creamsicle are definitely a sunny summer treat.

Number 5: Real Fruit Pops

Want a healthy treat to cool off? Try a fruit pop! Real fruit purée or juice frozen on a stick, you can’t go wrong with this delicious and nutritious frozen treat.

Number 4: Fudgesicles

Not quite ice cream, not quite a popsicle, Fudgesicles are a gooey chocolate frozen ice bar that is the perfect balance of creamy and icy. Sounds strange, but they’re so good!

Number 3: The Drumstick

 Drrrrumroll Please! This tasty treats is a sugar cone topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that is dipped in chocolate and  peanuts. All the flavours of an ice cream sunday, with the convince of grab and go! Drumsticks have a little chunk of chocolate hiding at the bottom of the sugar cone. Kids, and adults alike, have been know to risk the mess and munch of this perfect piece before consuming the rest of the treat.

Number 2: Freezies

Sugary flavoured ice in a plastic tube. You can always count on some freezies hiding in the back of your freezer on a hot day. These ice pops come in a wide range of fruity flavours. The most popular flavour in Canada is Blue Raspberry!

Number 1: Ice Cream Sandwich

The classic Ice Cream Sandwich features vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two soft chocolate cookies. It will leave you licking your fingers, quite literally, but it’s a wonderfully simple and delicious summer treat!

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