Covid-19 Update June 28 -July 2

Each Canadian province and territory has their own Covid reopening plan. Some of which are already in relatively open phases, and many of which are moving along in reopening this week. Please see this week’s reopening plans by location. 

British Columbia

B.C. will be moving into stage 3 of it’s reopening plan on Thursday, July 1st which includes:

Personal gatherings no longer have a person limit, indoor and outdoor. 

Organised gatherings can reach 50 per cent capacity indoors and up to 5,000 people outdoors.

British Colombians may travel to other parts of Canada, if their destination is receiving visitors.

Liquor restrictions are being lifted.

Indoor fitness classes may operate at full capacity, and spectators may observe sporting events with some restrictions.


On June 30, Ontario moves into Step 2 of their reopening plan which includes:

Personal gatherings can now include 5 people indoors and 25 people outdoors.

Organised gatherings can operate at 25 per cent indoors, while outdoors the limit is the maximum number of people that can retain a 2 meter distance 

Essential retail can now operate at 50 per cent capacity

Non-essential retail can operate at 25 per cent capacity

Recreation, such as amusement parks, performing arts, and music festivals can operate at 25 per cent capacity.


Alberta will move into Stage 3 of their reopening plan on July 1, which removes almost all health restrictions. Masks will still be required on public transit and in city-owned buildings.

Nova Scotia

On June 30, Nova Scotia will move into Phase 3 of their reopening plan, which includes:

Opening to travellers from the rest of Canada (self-isolation requirements for those outside of Atlantic Canada depend on vaccination status)

Personal gatherings can include a household and 10 additional people indoors, or 25 outdoors.

Organised gatherings can facilitate 50 per cent capacity to a maximum of 100 indoors or 150 people outdoors.

Retails stores can operate at 75 percent capacity

Restaurants continue to operate with masks and social distance rules, but can now stay open to midnight (12:00am).

Fitness and recreation facilities can operate at 75 per cent capacity with restrictions.

Summer Camps can operate with limited students.

Arts and culture performance can operate with limited performers and audience. Museums, libraries and art galleries can operate at 50 per cent capacity.

Newfoundland and Labrador 

N.L. opens to travellers from the rest of Canada on July 1st. Depending on vaccine status, travellers may be to self-isolate and test for Covid-19.

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