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Gain Work Experience by Studying with 4 Co-operative Programs in Saskatchewan


About the Institution

Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SaskPolytech) focuses on applied research and learning opportunities. As a polytechnic, the institution provides learning according to employer and student needs. The institution has campuses in Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Regina and Saskatoon. The institutions holds a variety of certificate, diploma and degree programs and also have apprenticeship training.

Study and Work Experience with CO-OP Education

Most Business and IT and Engineering Technology programs delivered at Sask Polytech Moose have a Co-operative (CO-OP) Education option. You must be enrolled full-time in order to be eligible for CO-OP.

CO-OPs are usually paid, so you have the opportunity to earn and gain experience during your study. Sask Polytech arranges the job interviews for International Students. This also helps you develop “soft skills” in job interviews, interpersonal communication, cultivate professional attitude and more.

Below are programs that offer Co-operative Education at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Computer Engineering Technology Diploma (Three-Year)

If you are fascinated about both software and hardware then becoming a computer engineering technologist is a sustainable career. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence automated systems are emerging and evolving technologies. The future of technology is still in exploration which means your career options is vast.

Skills you develop

You will learn how to:

  • Program using various programming languages.
  • Analyze, develop and test software and hardware.
  • Install, configure and maintain workstations and servers in various operating systems.


The Computer Engineering Technology Diploma (Three-Year) is accredited by the Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) at the Technology Level.

Career Opportunities

You may find Career Opportunities in a variety of IT fields such as Network Administrator, Software Developer or Computer Systems Technician.

The earning potential for Computer Engineering Technology graduates is between $50,000 – $96,600 per year.

Business Information Systems Diploma (Two-Year)

Information technology, mobile apps, emerging software are reinventing the way we do business. Tech-savvy people with programming skills are in high demand nowadays. Gaining the skills in business solution development will sustain your career in IT even further.

Skills you develop

You will learn to;

  • Develop using programming languages such as Java or COBOL
  • Utilize computer hardware, networking and operating systems using Windows, Unix and Linux
  • Understand Data collection, modeling and database management systems using Oracle, SQL Server


The Business Information Systems Diploma is accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS)

Career Opportunities

You may find work as a software developer, programmer analyst, web and mobile app developer. The earning potential for Business Information Systems graduates is between $56,000 – $117,400 per year.

Business Management

Business Management Post-Graduate Certificate (One-Year)

The Business Management post-graduate certificate provides an unique opportunities through the development of leadership and management knowledge and skills. The program will prepare students in leadership and managerial roles in Saskatchewan and varies of sectors in Canada.

Skills you develop

Students will develop skills and knowledge in fields of management, accounting, marketing, leadership, business communications, and cross-cultural business practices.

Career Opportunities

You may find diverse opportunities in varies of sectors such as Human Resources Manager or Logistics Manager. The earning potential for an Administration Supervisor is between $34,400 – $100,100.

Environmental Engineering Technology Diploma (Three-Year)

Environmental engineering technologists are in science, ecology and engineering to mitigate the adverse impacts of human activities on the world.

Skills you develop

You will develop the skills to solve environmental problems utilizing engineering and technology on real world issues.


The Environmental Engineering Technology Diploma (Three-Year) is accredited by the Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) at the Technology Level.

Career Opportunities

Jobs in environmental engineering tech may involve environmental mitigation, monitoring and assessment, site remediation and reclamation or pollution control. The earning potential for a Environmental Site Assessor is between $52,900 and $115,200.

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