In Demand Hospitality Management Careers Post Pandemic in Canada

According to the labor market report in British Columbia, hotel management related positions are listed on the list of top 10 demanding job in Vancouver. The capacity of job openings of Hotel Management is unimaginable because it continues to grow each year. With developed infrastructures and massive natural resources, Canada becomes one on the potential market to develop tourism in North America.

Outlook on Hotel Management Careers after Pandemic

As the cases of COVID-19 have been declining, Canada has announced an exemption for fully vaccinated travellers. Western Canada has always been the most prosperous and international region, and Vancouver is famous for its stunning landscape and thousand of options of a variety of cuisine. Without any doubt, students could find some great opportunities for their internship during their time at school and get employed after graduation.

Career Outlook
Career Outlook

Career Outlook

Hotel Management in Canada offers hand-on experience for students, guaranteeing an a local or international working experiences. Students would be able to equip themselves with skills of analysis, decision making, events planning, and communication. Students with a diploma would be eligible to apply for junior management positions. However, students would need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree or Post Graduate diploma.

Settle in Canada with a Career in Hotel Management

After graduating, students can apply for Skills Immigration (IS) through the BCPNP provincial nomination. The advantage is that the score is relatively low, and it is easy to meet the application requirements.

Tourism and hotel management have become a competitive choice for immigration and further education. Therefore, almost all colleges and universities in BC will provide tourism and hotel management-related courses.

Nine Hotel Management Programs in BC’s Public Colleges

Vancouver Community College

▶ Hospitality Management Diploma

▶ Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Vancouver Community College Logo and Image
Vancouver Community College

Vancouver Community College (VCC) is a high-quality Canadian public college and is located in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is one of the largest and oldest government-approved public colleges in Canada.

Hospitality Management Diploma (two-year diploma course) teaches professional business management and skills in hotels, cruise ships, conference centres, and catering establishments. Enrollment time is January and September. After graduation, you can progress to the VCC Bachelor of Hospitality Management.

Through the Bachelor of Hospitality Management (two-year undergraduate degree), students will have a comprehensive understanding of the hotel industry. The degree covers top hotel business and management practices, financial operation management, e-commerce, hotel planning and implementation, and market communication. The enrollment time is September.

Capilano University

▶ Hotel and Resort Management Post-Baccalaureate Diploma

Capilano University Board
Capilano University

Capilano University (CapU for short) is a public university with excellent teaching quality in British Columbia, Canada.

CapU’s post-baccalaureate diploma in hotel and resort management covers revenue management, tourism planning and policy, service management, conference management, hotel operations, and cross-cultural tourism. This two-year course has 280 hours of paid internship and is suitable for applicants with a bachelor’s degree aiming to become a global hotel and tourism management and leader in the future.

Okanagan College

▶ Business Administration Diploma – Tourism and Hospitality Management

▶ Bachelor of Business Administration – Tourism and Hospitality Management

Okanagan College Building and Logo
Okanagan College

Okanagan College or OC for short, was established in 1963. It is a comprehensive public college recognized by the BC Provincial Government in Canada. It is located in Kelowna, the beautiful city of Kelowna, BC.

Tourism and Hospitality Management (two-year diploma program) allows students to practise in the business and management of the tourism and hospitality industry. The first year of the course provides a solid foundation for general business and tourism. The second-year provides experiential learning in the Okanagan area, catering tourism and hospitality industry. After graduating with this diploma, students can progress to the college’s Bachelor of Business Administration-Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Administration-Tourism and Hospitality Management (four-year undergraduate degree) provides students with the analytical and critical thinking skills required by the tourism and hospitality industry. It prepares them to become outstanding managers in the tourism and hospitality industry.

College Of The Rockies

▶ Hospitality Management

College of the Rockies
College of the Rockies

College Of The Rockies is a Canadian public college that is located in the southeast corner of British Columbia and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The area has famous hot springs, beautiful forests, several ski resorts, and Canada’s best golf courses.

Hospitality Management (two-year diploma course)combines practical experiences with academic and business courses, allowing graduate students stand out in their future careers in the hospitality industry. This course includes paid internship opportunities, and the enrolment date is September.

Thompson River University

▶ Resort and Hotel Management Diploma

Thompson Rivers University Mountains

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is a public university established in 1970 and is located in Kamloops, 300 kilometres away from Vancouver. It has more than 13,000 students and international students from 85 countries.

Resort and Hotel Management (two-year diploma course) will enable students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the hotel service industry and become professionals in the future. The combination of theory and hands-on practice enable students to have management skills to meet the job requirements of hotels and resorts in Canada and abroad. After graduating from this major, students can proceed to the third year of Bachelor of Tourism Management in TRU.

Vancouver Island University

▶ Hospitality Management Diploma

▶ Bachelor of Hospitality Management

▶ Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

Vancouver Island University
Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a public university in BC and is located on Vancouver Island.
The Hospitality Management Diploma (two-year diploma course) develops the knowledge and skills that students need, to build a hospitality career. The enrolment period starts in September.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management (four-year undergraduate degree) involves establishing strong industry connections and the acquisition of technical and practical skills in the fields of hotel marketing, accounting, human resources, and management.

Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management (two-year postgraduate diploma) simulates hotel industry case analysis and interactive lectures by professors. It completes comprehensive business projects through graduate internships to gain more hospitality industry skills and knowledge. Enrollment time is January and September.

Selkirk College

▶ Resort and Hotel Management

▶ Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

Selkirk College Logo and Image
Selkirk College

Selkirk College was established in 1966 and is the first public community college established in British Columbia, Canada. Resort and Hotel Management (two-year diploma course) prepares graduates for the tourism industry, including all areas of knowledge in resorts, hotels, restaurants, and hospitality.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management (two-year post-graduate diploma) provides students with the knowledge and skills in the ever-changing and competitive business world, especially in the hospitality industry. The course also includes a 4-month paid internship. Enrollment time is May and September.

Douglas College

▶ Hospitality Management Diploma

▶ Post-degree diploma in Hospitality Management

▶ Post-degree diploma in Hospitality Marketing

▶ Hospitality Services Management Post-Baccalaureate Diploma

Douglas College Logo
Douglas College

Douglas College is one of the oldest public colleges in BC and has always existed as the dominant position of College. The school is located in Vancouver and is in contact with the local government and large companies. The coverage is comprehensive, so students have a high degree of recognition for internship and employment after graduation.

Douglas College offers four majors related to hotel management. Hospitality Management Diploma (two-year diploma course) provides marketing and management related to accommodation and restaurant operations. After graduation, students can progress to the third year of the Bachelor of Business Administration at Douglas.

Post-degree Diploma in Hospitality Management (one-year post-baccalaureate Diploma) is suitable for students who already had a bachelor’s degree and aim to become a hotel industry leader or intend to change their careers into the hospitality industry. The admission time is January, May, and September.

Post-degree Diploma in Hospitality Marketing (one-year post-baccalaureate Diploma) prepares students for marketing leadership in the hospitality industry. The courses include market research, brand promotion, advertising and customer relationship management, etc. The admission time is January, May, and September.

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Hospitality Services Management (two-year post-Baccalaureate Diploma) prepares students for leadership in the hospitality and service industries (such as hotel assistant managers, front desk managers, ski resort managers, tour guide supervisors, etc.). Enrollment date is May and September.

Camosun College

▶ Hospitality Management(Diploma)

▶ Applied Tourism & Hospitality Management,(Post Degree Diploma)

Camosun College
Camosun College

Camosun College was founded in 1971 and is located in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, Canada. It is famous for its gardens, ocean scenery, urban culture, mild climate and diversified economy.

The Hospitality Management (two-year diploma program) of Camosun College has a long history, which is primarily due to the college’s practical solid courses. The admission time is in January and September.

Applied Tourism & Hospitality Management (full-time 16-month post-baccalaureate diploma) is based on a bachelor’s degree, adding specific training for a wide range of employment opportunities for the tourism and hospitality industry. Courses include sustainable development, service marketing, entrepreneurship and hotel operations. Enrollment date is January and September.

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