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Learn about your areas of interests with these Two-Year Diploma


About Coquitlam College

International Students choose Coquitlam College for its high educational standards and highly qualified instructors. For the past 39 years, this institution have been continuously evolving their academic programs. International Students graduates are eligible to enter the many of the best universities in North America.

Diploma Program Options

They offer two diploma programs in arts or business. These programs will give you the chance to explore your academic areas of interest to further your studies. Furthermore, you may even be allowed directly into the third-year of study at many universities in Canada.


The two-year diploma programs in arts consists of a broad education, with in-depth emphasis in social sciences and humanities. You may complete a general studies diploma, or have the opportunity to specialize in mathematics or economics.


The opportunities in Arts, Culture, Recreation are vast as the Job Bank of Canada list out several career options.


The two-year diploma business program provides a foundation for completion of a university degree in business discipline.

The median wage for a Business consultant is at $36.67 per hour according to the Job Bank of Canada.

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