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School of Motion Picture Arts

CapU’s School of Motion Picture Arts is training a new generation of International Student’s talent in the Film, TV, animation, gaming and motion picture world. With state-of-the-art studio, latest technology for digital production, editing, costuming and screening you’ll be equipped to produce high quality work for an international audience. Prepare for an exciting career in Vancouver’s growing special effects industry.

Motion Picture Arts Two-Year Diploma

About the program

Lights. Camera and Action! Learn from industry professionals at Capilano University’s state-of-the-art Bosa Centre for Film and Animation. Collaborate with fellow students on a variety of projects providing you the opportunities for different kinds of filmmaking roles. You will be working with professional filmmaking equipment in an 8000 sq. ft. sound stage, 3D Camera rigs and a 3D editing lab.

What you learn

You will gain a fundamental understanding of cinematic history. Apply the writing techniques and principles used to create a screenplay for production. Practice film direction skills and create visual strategies for storytelling using motion picture arts. Get the opportunity to learn to work with actors and even lead a film crew. Produce, schedule and budget the production in its whole of short independent films with protocols of professional film set procedures.

Upon completion of the Motion Picture Arts Two-Year Diploma Program, International Students can further their studies to the Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts Degree.

We have hired many of CapU’s graduates and they are strong supporters.

Jennifer Twiner McCarron
CEO of Thunderbird Entertainment
Playback’s 2018 Exec of the Year

Visual Effects for Film, Streaming & Immersive Media Two-Year Diploma (Digital Visual Effects Diploma Program as of Fall 2021 Intake)

About the program

Study on cutting-edge production tools in the state-of-the-art Bosa Centre for Film and Animation at CapU. Gain solid knowledge of production methods and developing original content while learning on the same equipment used by the VFX Experts in the industry. CapU’s facilities include virtual reality and professional motion capture equipment such as Digital Drawing tablets, blazing high-speed render farms, and even 3D printers.

What you learn

Become an expert in visual effects and have the ability to use the appropriate technology for the specific creative needs of a production project. Become motivated and engaged through the creative processes of visual effects and learn the future technologies relevant to the industry. Work with complex computer graphics technologies applicable to the visual effects industry, including writing computer code to control advanced effects software.

The film Glory Days was created by CapU's students. The film has earned CapU's Student Kama Sood a nomination for Best International Director at the Oregon Short Film Festival.
The film Glory Days was created by CapU’s students. The film has earned CapU’s Student Kama Sood a nomination for Best International Director at the Oregon Short Film Festival.

After Graduation

When you graduate from any of the above two-year programs, you will have an astonishing demo reel to show to prospective employers in the industry either in any film or television department. You may also find work in the creative team within a corporate office.

Technical Director – Motion Picture Arts (NOC 5131)

The median wage for a Technical Director is at $32.50 per hour according to the Job Bank of Canada.

Graphics Technician (NOC 5223)

The median wage for a VFX Artist which is under the occupation of Graphics Technician is at $29.40 per hour according to the Job Bank of Canada.

Learn more at Capilano University’s School of Motion Picture Arts

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