Monday the 2nd of August is B.C. Day and Civic Holiday!


In Canada, the first Monday in August marks B.C. Day, or New Brunswick Day, Saskatchewan Day, Heritage Day, Terry Fox Day, Natal Day, or simply Civic Holiday.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Canada is comprised of many different provinces and Territories. The first Monday of August has become a statutory holiday in most, but the holiday is unique to each area. It is a day to celebrate the heritage and positive histories of your local area. For example, B.C. Day celebrates British Columbia!

Celebration of Light won’t be happening int 2021, but there’s still lots to look forward to

What happens on Provincial Holidays?

Similar merriment is made across Canada for the First Monday of August. For many, it is a long weekend. Warm summer weather is the perfect backdrop for celebratory parades, festivals and community gatherings.

How can you Celebrate in B.C.?

Take the long weekend to enjoy some of the city’s many summer festival programs(live and virtual this year). For those based in Vancouver, popular choices include: Pride Parade and Festival, Powel Street Festival, Maple Ridge Caribbean Festival, and the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival.

If festivals aren’t your thing, stay cool hanging beach or lakeside! Another great option is the immersive art exhibition Imagine Van Gogh, or a whirling trip to the amusement park Playland.

Check out live Theatre at the Powell Street Festival- a celebration of Japanese Canadian Arts and Culture

Civic Holiday in the T.O.!

In Ontario, The first Monday of August is not technically a statutory holiday, however most will take the day as such. A warm long weekend is a great opportunity to head to cottage country and enjoy some peace and nautre.

Or, for the rowdy types, the happening city of Toronto hosts many fun events. Great events to check out are: Caribbean Carnival Food Truck Festival, many live theatre shows, Endless Summer: Classic Rock Tribute Bands and Comedy on the River!

While the Toronto Caribbean Carnival won’t be taking place this year, you can still enjoy the flavours of the Caribbean with the Caribbean Carnival Food Truck Festival

Have Fun!

August 2, 2021 is going to be a scorcher in many parts of Canada this year! However you decided to spend your weekend, stay safe and Have fun!

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