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Study at a School District in the Peace!


Study at a School District in the Peace!

The Peace River North School District is an unreal place for prospective and current international students. Here, students can study with many domestic students, ice skate at school, and if really lucky see the northern lights! All in all, the district is an idyllic location where students can learn in a variety of programs every day awaits in Fort St John, come join!

Located in the City of Fort St. John

Fort St. John, British Columbia’s oldest interior community is a small city (population: 17,402) with a young population full of fresh ideas. People here are friendly and willing to lend a hand. Further, the local hospitality is complemented by the natural beauty of Fort St. John and the surrounding Peace River Valley. All in all, it offers endless opportunities for scenic drives, wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking and camping.

Fort St. John consistently ranks as one of the top cities to live and work in British Columbia based on the following factors:

  • Income Growth – 27%
  • Average household income – $126,850
  • Average income, 35 and under – $105,086
  • Population growth – 35%

Why choose the Peace River North School District?

International students benefit from flexible and fully developed programs taught by British Columbia government certified teachers in modern, well-equipped schools. Further, the small communities and institutions have an excellent staff/student ratio and provide a supportive study environment.

SD60 will become a “home away from home” for students, who may choose to stay with carefully screened and monitored homestay families. Additionally, modern school facilities, a variety of course offerings, high academic standards, enjoyable cultural destinations, and the safety of communities provide an ideal venue for international study.

Your Pathway to Post Secondary Via Peace River North SD

Also, school District #60 has established partnerships with Northern Lights College to offer Dual Credit programming with options for qualified secondary school students. Dual Credit Programs allow students in Grade 12 to gain credits towards secondary school graduation while also earning credits in a post-secondary academic course, vocational program, trade or apprenticeship.

Short Term or Full Year Academic Program

Students are fully integrated with Candian students in core subjects and elective classes. So, classes are based on the British Columbia Ministry of Education requirements and include:

  • English
  • Robotics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Calculus
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Law
  • Social Justice
  • Art
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acting

Further, this is not even half of the courses available! The Peace River North School District has so much more to offer still.

British Colombia Graduation Program

This is a three-year program for qualifying students to obtain a British Columbia Graduation Diploma. So, the Program is for high-achievers, serious about education and academic success. Also, credits may be given for equivalency granted for courses taken in the students’ home country.

Overall, the Peace River North School District is your gateway to true Canadian nature and an incredible learning experience! So here, students can spend their days learning and improving their English skills, skate on the campus rink after school, and even see the northern lights in the evening. After all, a dream come true!
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