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Vancouver Slang Words You Need to Know


Rain, Vancouver… Raincouver? Chances are that you may not know these interesting words in Vancouver. Greater Vancouver Area have a lot of nicknames and it may be confusing it at first, therefore, we’re going to break them down for ya.

City of Vancouver Map
City of Vancouver Map

Nicknames for the City Vancouver

The City of Vancouver has many nicknames. Some are more affectionate than others. Below are some words that are must knows when you reside in Vancouver.

Vancouver City at Night
Vancouver City at Night


Vancouverites or people refer to the word “Vancity” as a shortcut for the city of Vancouver.


Sandy said: “I am driving up to Vancity this coming Long Weekend

City of Glass
City of Glass

City of Glass

This one sounds really elegant, or maybe scary or tragic. The city of Vancouver consists of many buildings and sparkly architecture which features a lot of steel and glass and is therefore also referred as the City of Glass.

Rain in Vancouver
Rain in Vancouver

Raincity or Raincouver

Raincity or Raincouver is associated with the phenomena that it rains a lot in Vancouver.

Canada Railway in British Columbia
Canada Railway in British Columbia

Terminal City

This term comes from the fact that Vancouver is the western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway

East Van Logo
East Van Logo

Van (North Van, East Van, West Van)

And the last one for Vancouver is Van. Just Van. – especially when used in reference to “North Van” or “West Van”, which brings us to the shorthand for specific areas of Vancouver and some of its surrounding cities. East Van, refers to East Vancouver. East Van gets its own mention, as it even has its own icon. Short for the beachy neighbourhood, Kitsilano

New Westminster
New Westminster

New West

New Westminster (New West) is a city in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada. The city is also a member municipality of Metro Vancouver. 

Lake in Coquitlam


Port Coquitlam is a city in British Columbia, Canada. Located in the east of Vancouver, it is on the north bank of the converge of the Fraser River and the Pitt River.


Abbotsford (Abby) is a city located in British Columbia, adjoining to the Canada–United States border, Greater Vancouver and the Fraser River. 

Hollywood North

Our last Vancouver term is Hollywood North. This refers to the general region, as well as the city, as many films are shot here and that’s a wrap!

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