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Fanshawe College is a vibrant Canadian institution of higher learning. There are currently 21,000 full-time students, including 6,500 international students from more than 100 countries worldwide (including China). It was founded in 1965 and located in London, Ontario, with public security and friendly residents. It is the sixth-largest public college in Canada. Fanshawe College offers more than 200 majors, including postgraduate certificates, diploma courses and undergraduate bachelor degrees, in the fields of business, science and engineering, design, hospitality, media, computer, health science, and transportation and logistics.

5 Campuses at Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College has five campuses (London, Downtown, Simcoe, St. Thomas, Woodstock) and two teaching centers (aircraft repair and applied transportation technology centers). The main campus is in London and covers 410,000 Square meters, with 11 teaching buildings.

Fanshawe Airport campus is located at London International Airport. This campus offers aircraft, aircraft repair and other related majors. This teaching building was transformed from the Air Canada Center and contained 80,000 square feet of the facility, the largest in Ontario. Advanced teaching facilities and excellent geographical location attract students worldwide who are interested in aircraft repair.

Fanshawe College has numerous types of books for students to choose from; librarians can also guide students on searching the most relevant articles and books for their papers, according to their majors and topics.

There are more than 12 spots for student to dine on the campus, including Tim Horton’s, Pizza, and Subway. International students can apply to live in the student dormitory, which is located next to the school building. Each dormitory offers different types of accommodation, such as four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Each unit would have a living room, a simple dining room, a shared TV, telephone and an Internet. In addition, the dormitory also has on-site and 24-hour manager to support students’ needs.

Stories From International Student Graduates

Frank : ” I majored in car maintenance and fell in love with this quiet city. I enjoyed my time learning in here. I also got a reference letter from the local boss and four professors. I am proud to say I could have my highest achievement at this school and successfully got a full-time job at BMW.”

Grace Huang: “When I was graduated from Fanshawe College, I immediately received offers from the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, University of British Columbia and many other prestigious universities.”

Xu Xiao: ” I was majoring in finance at Fanshawe College and obtained many certificates such as Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Canadian Investment Fund Course (CIFC), Canadian Life Insurance License (LLQP) and so on. In August of the same year, I took up the position of Account Manager at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). “

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