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Get the Skills You Need for the In-Demand Engineering Occupation in Canada


Engineering is listed as one of the most lucrative careers in Canada. There is expected to be a labor shortage of engineering positions across various industries according to the Job Bank of Canada. Beyond that, there is also exists a major skills gap in various Engineering positions. As newly graduated students are not equipped enough with the skills for the job.

Learn more about Engineering Career Opportunities in Canada.

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Build Skills with Bridge Programs

Bridge programs have become increasingly common in Canada. You can get the practical and theoretical skills by studying in College followed by University. International Students can bridge into the second year, the second semester of the Mechanical Engineering Degree program at UBC Okanagan.

Two-Year Diploma to Four-Year Undergraduate Degree

Okanagan College (OC) has several bridge programs with the University of British Columbia (UBC) that can start your career in Engineering. These programs allow you to earn a two-year diploma followed by a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree (BASc). Two-Year diploma grads at OC may even study in the second year at UBC’s Okanagan Campus.

Advisors at both schools were fantastic and helped to make the transfer process smooth – Dan Lang, Engineering Bridge Program Graduate

Civil Engineering Bridge Program – Okanagan College to University of British Columbia

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to work on the construction of various sustainable infrastructures such as roads, parks, drainage, or sewer plants. Also, this program prepares you for Bachelor’s studies in civil engineering at UBC Okanagan.

Learn more about the Civil Engineering Bridge Program at Okanagan College.

Mechanical Engineering – Okanagan College to University of British Columbia

Learn the trades and practices while gaining practical knowledge in the areas of machine design, manufacturing, quality control, and instrumentation. This program will also prepare you for further undergraduate studies in civil engineering at UBC Okanagan.

Learn more about the Mechanical Engineering Bridge Program at Okanagan College.

Electrical Engineering – Okanagan College to University of British Columbia

Fascinate yourself and learn about electronic circuits, system analysis, and design. You will also explore sophisticated electronic technologies such as the industrial internet of things (IoT), telecommunications, embedded systems, and control systems.

Learn more about the Electrical Engineering Bridge Program at Okanagan College.

Studying at Kelowna Campus in Okanagan College

Okanagan College’s biggest campus in Kelowna provides various services and activities for all students. World-class instructors at Okanagan College are passionate about teaching and also foster close-knit connections with many students.

Learn about Dan Lang’s story of how he transitions from OC to UBC Engineering Bridge Program.

Okanagan College has hosted international students for many years. The college support internationals students through numerous of services. This college should not be missed from your bucket list.

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