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How to Prepare for Winter intake in Canada

Missed the fall term, but still want to come to Canada? You’re in luck! Most Canadian universities and colleges have a Winter term intake. Prepare now for school this year!

Generally speaking, post-secondary institutions in Canada are divided into three semesters: Fall, Winter, and Summer. Fall intake is the primary intake, with the most courses and seats available. However, if you missed the fall take for any reason, you can still make the winter intake or secondary intake. Winter intake is also known as January Intake, as that is when the semester begins. Joining a post-secondary institution at winter intake means you won’t have to wait an entire additional school year to get your education started! So, how can you prepare, and apply for winter intake?

Know the Dates

By now, hopefully, you have an idea of the institutions and programs you’re interested in. Make a list of the winter intake deadlines for each of your potential schools

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Get Testing!

Post-secondary institutions will request exam results for academic aptitude and in English (or French) language proficiency. The exams requested by each institution may vary. Academic exam requested may include SAT, GMAT, and GRE. The most commonly requested English language proficiency exams are IELTS and TOEFL. It’s best to leave two weeks between receiving exam results and application deadlines. Be sure to leave time for studying and exam preparation as well!

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Start the Applications

From September on to your deadlines, should be dedicated to getting your applications in order and sent. You will need to fill out your application forms and send them along with your required documents. Some schools may require letters of recommendation and statements of purpose, be sure to have these ready to go!

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Receive the News

Once your applications have been submitted, it’s time to wait. You can expect to begin receiving responses to your applications within four to six weeks. It is important to respond to emails and follow their instructions, according to the choice of attendance.

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Settling for Success

Once you have been accepted, to your chosen institution, you will need to pay the tuition fee. Once this has been confirmed, you will receive a letter of acceptance. Now it’s time to apply for visas!

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Enjoy your Great Canadian Adventure

Pack your bags and prepare to make the most of your program and experience! Moving to a new country is a big step and a wonderful opportunity. Most Canadian institutions offer a wide range of student clubs, events, and opportunities. Academic success and new friends are waiting here for you!

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