Introducing Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development studies in Canada

In 2015, the United Nations proposed seventeen Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), which replaced the original Millennium Development Goals. The ultimate goal of the new development goals is to eradicate poverty, protect the environment, promote the prosperity and development of the world, and create a better world for our future generations. Natural environmental issues and ecological issues have become wicked problems that raise the concern of the public. Furthermore, extreme weather and increased global warming have continuously reminded people of how we treat the earth and our obligations as civilized citizens.

Related Environmental Studies in Public Colleges in British Columbia


▶ BASc Environmental Engineering

▶ BASc Environmental Engineering(UNBC and UBC joint Bachelor’s Degree)

University of Northern British Columbia

The main campus of University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) is located in Prince George, British Columbia. UNBC has a leading position in the research field and has received over 190 million Canadian dollars in research funding since its establishment. In 2010, UNBC’s eco-energy department and related research and teaching activities were in the first place on the list of international sustainable development projects among North America, published by Harvard University.

BASc Environmental Engineering (UNBC and UBC joint degree) is a unique, four-and-a-half-year joint degree program provided by UNBC (University of Northern British Columbia) and UBC (University of British Columbia). After graduation, students will receive a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering Applied Science (BASc) from UNBC and UBC. At the same time, graduates will have to ability to quality for the certification standards of the Canadian Engineering Certification Board and the British Columbia Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Association. Furthermore, students could also register as a Canadian professional engineer (P.Eng.) and be open to abundant development opportunities in their futures.


▶ Bachelor of Natural Resource Science (BNRS)

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is a public comprehensive university established in 1970. The school is located in Kamloops, 300 kilometers away from Vancouver with more than 13,000 students and international students from 85 countries.
The Bachelor of Natural Resource Science (BNRS) natural resource science degree trains students to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of natural resources and knowledge systems. In addition to biology, ecology and scientific research methods, it will also cover specific industrial resource management, such as forests and fisheries, animal and leisure industry. The Bachelor of Natural Resources Science (BNRS) provides students with practical content of field study, as well as opportunities for scientific research and overseas study.


▶ Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection

▶ Resource Management Officer Technology(Diploma)

Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a public university in BC and is located on Vancouver Island. The Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection degree program is based on the existing two-year Resource Management Officer Technology (RMOT) diploma program. In addition to advanced courses in natural resource management and law enforcement, the degree program also has four months of internship in the fall of the fourth year. In this internship, students can choose an off-campus internship or executive resource management agency.


▶ Diploma of Technology in Environmental Protection 

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Kwantlen Polytechnic University referred to as KPU, is a public university and provides a wide range of business, art and design courses. All of their courses are student-oriented and taught in small classes, with sufficient opportunities for active interaction.

Technology in Environmental Protection Diploma is a two-year cooperative project recognized by the Canadian Technology Certification Agency. KPU has been cooperating with the Canadian Ministry of Environment and the BC Ministry of Environment and other government agencies, environmental consulting companies and other industries to provide students for this course with a 4-month Co-op internship in a partnered company (a total of two internship opportunities). Allowing graduates to have a high employment rate in the environmental field, and they could be offered a position in those companies.


▶ Environmental Studies

University of Victoria

The University of Victoria (UVic) in Canada is the oldest in British Columbia (BC). In 1963, UVic became a public university in BC with the funding of the provincial government. The Bachelor of Environmental Studies is dedicated to discussing practical issues affecting the environment, acquiring the skills needed to overcome these challenges and making changes and improvements. Studying how human activities could be inspired with solution that could address the wicked problems. By putting related knowledge into action, student could achieve SDGs through community research, development plans and ecological restoration projects.


▶ Environmental Studies

University of the Fraser Valley

University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) was founded in 1974. This school has four campuses in BC, Canada, including Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission City, Hope Town, and An overseas branch school was established in Chandigarh, India. The Bachelor of Environmental Studies is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary degree related to environmental studies, natural sciences, and communication. This degree focuses on solving problems related to humans and the environment, scarcity and distribution of resources, and innovation. The course employs lectures, seminars, field trips and internships.

Douglas College

▶ Environmental Studies

Douglas College Logo
Douglas College Logo

Douglas College is one of the oldest public colleges in BC and has always existed as the dominant position of College. The school is located in Vancouver and is in contact with the local government and large enterprises. The Associate Degree in Environmental Studies (two years) from Douglas College is suitable for those interested in the environment, such as park planning, urban planning, environmental consulting, etc. After graduating from this course, students can transfer to the third year of the bachelor’s degree program in other universities.

Langara College

▶ Environmental Studies

Langara College

Langara College is the most prestigious public college on the west coast of Canada and is located in downtown Vancouver. It is famous for its high rate of university enrollment. It provides more than 21,000 students with learning and training opportunities every year, including international students from more than 700 countries worldwide. Due to its strong teaching faculty, Langara College has won the “Outstanding Teaching Award” five times in the past ten years. In the environmental studies (diploma, associate degree) courses offered by Langara College, students will acquire critical thinking skills, global awareness, analytical skills, and a deeper understanding of environmental issues to prepare for the future to solve complex ecological problems. After finishing this program, students would be able to transfer to the third year of the bachelor’s degree program in other universities.

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