4 Programs International Students must Consider at Georgian College in Canada


Georgian College was founded in 1967 and is located in Barrie, north of Toronto, Canada. It is about 40 minutes from Toronto International Airport to the campus. Thus, it is known as “Toronto’s Back Garden.” Georgian College is one of the oldest public colleges in Ontario, Canada. It has seven campuses and 13,000 full-time students, of which 4,500 international students come from 85 countries and regions.

Reasons of Choosing Georgian College

  • 90.2% of students found a job within six months after graduation, which is one of the highest employment rates in Ontario colleges. (2019-20 KPIs)
  • Employer satisfaction rate is 100% (2019-20 KPIs)
  • Known as “Canada’s largest paid internship base”, the college provides paid internship(co-op) and signs employment contracts with 6,200 organizations
  • While teaching students professional skills, all courses emphasize practice, hands-on, from paid internships to field exercises, and focus on cultivating students’ job search skills
  • There are more than 130 market-oriented majors, with majors featuring gold medals, including: automobile management business, tourism hotel management, nursing major, jewelry design, design and visual arts, optometrists, golf course management, navigation and marine technology, precision Manufacturing, electrical engineering, dental assistant, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, etc
  • Flexible system for transferring credit between different schools
  • Small class with the average of 26 students.
  • The entry threshold is flexible and double admission is possible. The admission requirement for graduate certificate is IELTS 6, and the admission requirement for degrees is IELTS 6.5
  • Georgia College has well-developed facilities on campus, including learning resource centre, computer laboratory, audio-visual centre, student activity centre, medical insurance centre, consulting service centre, and movie theater, etc
  • The college is located in Barrie, with many German and French descendants. The cost of living is relatively low, safe, quiet, and high quality of life

Popular Programs

Automotive Business (Co-op)

This two-year program includes eight months of paid internship and has signed employment agreements with nearly 7,000 automobile manufacturing and sales-related companies. Students would be able to practise in all aspects of automobile production, sales and after-sales.
Graduates of this major are active in many well-known automobile productions, development and sales fields in Canada, North America and internationally. Due to the solid foundation laid in this major, graduates are popular among employers in the field of the automotive industry chain.

Enrollment Time: January, May and September

Golf Facilities Operation Management 

There are many golf courses in Canada and this two-year major is designed to prepare students who aim to work in the golf field of the hotel industry. Students will be exposed to all aspects of golf, from turf maintenance to retail operations and golf event planning.
At the same time, theoretical concepts are combined with internships. Through internships, students conduct extensive field trips with golf courses in Canada and the United States to gain leading skills and experience in golf course management.

Enrollment Time: September

Electrical Engineering Technician 

This two-year major prepares students for electrical engineering technicians in electric utilities, industrial automation and other professional fields. Courses cover power transmission and distribution, robotics, industrial maintenance and troubleshooting techniques.
Hands-on practice is an important part of the course, and approximately 50-60% of the electrical courses will be used for practice.

Enrollment Time: January and September

Practical Nursing

As a professional career, graduates in this two-and-half-years major will experience high-quality and innovative nursing education. Through internships, students will be provided with clinical internship opportunities in different medical institutions. Graduates of this major are eligible to apply for registration as a registered nurse practitioners in Ontario.

Enrollment Time: January and September.

Source: Georgian College

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