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Here is How You Enter the Fashion Marketing Industry in Canada


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The Fashion Marketing Industry is not only dominated by New York, London, and Milan. There are many successful apparel design and manufacturing companies in Canada. Several of them have internationally recognized reputations, and their products are highly sought after. Located in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, Canada’s largest fashion hubs have distinct fashion cultures. We are in the midst of fashion season, so we decided to introduce fashion marketing to international students. Fashion marketing is known for its fast pace. Marketers are always on the lookout for innovative ways to present fashion products artistically that generate conversions and return on investment. Learn about fashion marketing careers, jobs, salaries, programs, and how aspiring marketers can launch successful careers in fashion marketing.

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What does Fashion Marketing mean?

The process of promoting goods or services in the fashion industry to the right audience at the right time and place using marketing and advertising tools and strategies is known as fashion marketing or fashion merchandising.

Fashion marketing and merchandising, like other branches of marketing, includes the following marketing activities:

  • Understanding and anticipating the fashion needs of your target customer base.
  • Designing fabrics, colors, sizes, and styles by tracking, predicting, and creating new trends.
  • Analyzing current fashion trends and estimating sales.
  • Designing, developing, and conceptualizing fashion products.
  • Choosing and purchasing the right material from the right resources.
  • Setting prices, promoting products, and distributing them.
  • Developing marketing campaigns to attract buyers.
  • Enabling consumers to shop in a fun and exciting way.

As the fashion cycle continues to evolve, fashion marketing and merchandising is a dynamic industry. Fashion marketers must be agile and adaptable to fast-changing trends to be successful in their roles.

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How does one become a fashion marketer?

Here’s what it takes to become a fashion marketer.

If you have a passion for fashion, an eye for detail and the ability to balance your creative and business energies, working in the fashion marketing industry can be highly rewarding. We will come to this topic later in the article, but you will also need an education in fashion and/or marketing, as well as relevant experience.

The following is an example of a fashion marketing job description.

In order to land a fashion marketing job, you would need to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Develop strategies for raising awareness, promoting products, and attracting customers
  • Understand and present products that fit the needs of your customers by tracking their trends
  • Boost revenue by planning sales campaigns
  • Analyze sales and conversion metrics in light of customer behavior
  • Data-driven decisions help you predict trends and modify your current and future marketing strategies
  • You need to keep an eye on marketing budgets, inventory, store management, and other operational aspects
  • Immersive experiences can be created using emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR)

What do fashion marketers earn?

Fashion marketing salaries vary by experience and profile. Listed below are a few of the more popular fashion marketing jobs.

JobsAverage Yearly Salary
Fashion Marketing Specialist$45K – $52K
Digital Marketing Strategist$41K – $51K
Marketing Manager$64k – $89K
Merchandiser$31K – $63K
Publicist$41K – $66K
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Study Fashion Marketing in Canada

Due to the rapid development of media and digital technology, people’s preference for fashion has been evolving continuously. Thus, fashion marketing and branding started to pay more attention to cultivating students to analyze with an innovative mindset. Throughout their study, students will learn to balance theoretical knowledge with practical skills, to equip themselves with the ability to create fashionable products and textiles in a globalized market environment.

Fashion Marketing Program in British Columbia

Below are some programs you can follow in Fashion Marketing.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University - Welcome Session with Students in hall at Wilson School of Design.

Kwantlen Polytechnic UniversityFashion Marketing Diploma Diploma (Two-Years)

KPU’s Fashion Marketing is a two-year diploma program, which only accepts 30 students each year. Students will gain practical skills in business, fashion, media, and marketing with sufficient guidance. Their students will be connected to the fashion industry at school to start their careers after graduation. Their students will be related to the fashion industry at school to begin their careers after graduation.

Vancouver Community College papers on red table.

Vancouver Community CollegeFashion Design and Production Diploma (Two-Years)

The Fashion Design and Production major at Vancouver Community College is a two-year diploma course. Through self-designed clothing projects, students can gain practical experience in design concepts, production, and sales, so as to expand their skills in the clothing industry.

Fashion and logo of Capilano University.

Capilano UniversityCostuming for Stage and Screen Diploma (Two-Years)

Costuming for Stage and Screen at Capilano University is a two-year diploma course. Through learning clothing history, textiles, wardrobe management, and tailoring, students will apply their skills in drama and film production. Graduates who complete this course are eligible for entry-level positions in the theater and film costume department.

LaSalle College building

LaSalle College VancouverFashion Marketing Diploma (Two-Years)

Fashion is more than just clothes but it also provides opportunities for those with motivation, skills, and training. LaSalle College Vancouver is well-known worldwide for its innovative and supportive standards of fashion design and marketing education.

Source: Fashion Marketing Diploma Customing for Stage and Screen Diploma Fashion Design and Production Diploma LaSalle Fashion Marketing Diploma

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