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Dental Technology Science Prepares International Student Grads to Work in the Dental Field


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Dental technicians aren’t usually dreamed of by high school international students since it is not a common career. Families and friends are usually the ones who introduce them to the profession. For a very long time, dental technicians have been favored in the medical industry. According to the Job Bank of Canada, this position offers a median hourly wage of $23 per hour.

Source: VCC

What Do Dental Technicians Do?

The dental technician designs and makes supplies for many dental services, such as teeth cleaning, tooth whitening, extractions, veneers, fillings, crowns, root canals, and braces. Dental technicians in British Columbia are in high demand, especially for crowns, root canals, dental ceramics, and orthodontics, according to the College of Dental Technicians of British Columbia.

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Rewarding Career without Working in the Mouths of Patients

There are many more aspects to a dental career than what you typically see in the dental office. Consider becoming a dental technician if you want a fulfilling career within the dental industry without working in the mouths of patients. By collaborating with dentistry professionals, you’ll be able to improve the lives and self-confidence of others from a distance.

Shortage of Skilled Dental Technicians

A recent report by the Dental Technicians Association of BC reveals that the province lacks skilled dental technicians, especially in the field of crowns, bridges, orthodontics, and ceramics.


The Only College that Offers Dental Science Technology in British Columbia

Vancouver Community College (VCC) is the only college that offers a unique Dental Technology Sciences program in British Columbia. Graduating from this 2.5-year diploma program can lead to employment with commercial dental laboratories or self-employment.

Dentist professionals rely on dental technicians and respect them greatly in the industry. VCC graduates are offered countless career opportunities in dentistry as the field continues to advance and grow. Regulation and licensing of dental technicians are handled by the College of Dental Technicians of British Columbia.

Women working on Dental Equipment
Source: VCC

Dental Technology Sciences Diploma

This diploma allows students to learn about professional tools, moulds and the latest technology to make dental supplies and products. The length of this course is 2.5 years, including 15 weeks of internship opportunities outside the school in the 5th semester. The off-campus internship will help students to gain valuable experience and obtain excellent prospects for future employment development. Due to the lack of skilled dental technicians in the province, employers will take the initiative to contact VCC to find suitable employees.

Enrollment usually starts in January, May, September.

Entry Requirements

  • Graduated from high school
  • English 12 C+ or IELTS 6.5 (with no band less than 6.0)
  • Biology C+
  • One of the following grades is C+: Chemistry 11, Mathematics 11 or Physics 11
  • Interview and portfolio

Source: Dental Technician Earnings and OutlookCollege of Dental Technicians of British Columbia Shortage of Skilled Dental Technicians – Dental Technicians of BC

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