Fisherman's Wharf in Steveston Port

Discover Steveston Village near Vancouver: 5 Activities You Must Do Here!

A pleasant breeze from the Fraser River, the smell of the waterfront, the lively greens, everything in Steveston will heal your mind. As soon as you arrive here, you can not help taking a photo.

Steveston Harbour. Photography by Ayana Watanabe

The Canning Factory Prospered Steveston Village

Stevenson was known for its salmon canning factories because of the place in a desirable location. That is why it was called “Salmon Town” in the latter half of the 19th century when canning factories were crowded.

Cannery Museum. Photography by Ayana Watanabe

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, located at Steveston,  was the largest in British Columbia at the time. Despite its closure in 1979, the area has been registered as a National Historic Site and is open to the public as a museum.

The Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site, located nearby, allows visitors to experience life as a fisherman during boom and bust times. Also, many of the region’s fishing boats were once made by hand there.

Japanese Migration to Steveston

Approximately 100 years ago, Japanese immigrants arrived in this area for the first time, and after that, fishermen gathered in search of salmon on the “Fraser River”. The village was populated year-round by the first nations of Japanese, Chinese, and European fishermen and cannery workers. Steveston’s original population was heavily populated by Japanese Canadians. Among the early pioneers of the Japanese community in Steveston was Tomekichi Honma, who settled in the village in 1883. Japan’s largest Japanese community was formed when he invited many villagers and fishermen from Wakayama Prefecture (near Osaka). In the wake of World War II, however, the government seized fishing boats, land, and property. The Japanese community was forced to relocate.

Current Steveston

Japanese culture is still very present in Steveston, despite the relocation of the Japanese community. Honma Elementary School in Steveston was named in a member of a first immigrant’s honour. In addition, Steveston Japanese Language School is still active and teaches Japanese to Japanese Canadians and people who are interested in Japanese.

Hollywood Blockbuster Movies were filmed in Steveston Village

If you are into movies, you must visit Steveston. Many beautiful historical sites and natural settings have been attracted to productions and audiences. Once Upon a Time, a TV show filmed by ABC, is one of the most significant shows to be filmed here. From 2011 to 2017, the village of Steveston played the town of Storybrooke on the show, and local landmarks and businesses can be seen in the background.

The list of the film where shooting in Steveston
  • Overboard (2018)  movie : Cannery Cafe and Steveston Community Park
  • Once upon a time (2011-2017) drama : Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site
  • Power Rangers (2016) movie : Moncton Street, Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site
  • Godzilla (2014) movie : Steveston Village

Visit Richmond BC’s Twitter feed often mentions what productions are in progress and where to find them; keep an eye on it to learn what’s filming before you arrive. Using the Creative BC website, you can learn which movies and shows are currently filming in Richmond.

5 Must Do Activities in Steveston Village


1. Whale Watching and Eco-Tour

Every around the middle of April to the end of October, you can join the whale watching and eco-tour. Take a cruise along the coast looking for whales, other marine mammals, and seabirds. If you are lucky, ​​a black-and-white pod of orcas, or even graceful humpback whales, might be spotted on this trip.

2. Garry Point Park
Garry Point Park. Photography by Ayana Watanabe

Garry Point Park is a large park located near the historic beautiful Steveston Village in Richmond. Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands can be seen from the park across the Salish Sea. Here is one of the most famous places can be seen the sunset in Richmond. Also, there are many unique landscapes including Kuno Garden, a Japanese-style memorial garden, and a huge open kite flying space. Many cherry blossoms are in bloom every April.

3. Dykes and Trails
West Dykes and Trials. Photography by Ayana Watanabe

The city of Steveston is surrounded by beautiful paths where you can walk, bike, and enjoy the fascinating views of water and mountains.

4. Eat Seafood
Salmon Fish & Chips. Photography by Ayana Watanabe
Seafood Pizza at Steveston Pizza. Photography by Ayana Watanabe

Salmon fish and chips are one of the famous food in Steveston. Also, Steveston pizza is one of the unmissable places in Steveston too. If you are a challenger, Steveston pizza offers you a luxury pizza it cost $850. You must reserve it.

5. Visit Fisherman’s Wharf

There is super fresh seasonal seafood.  Here, you can buy shrimp, Dungeness crabs, sea urchins, and spot prawns directly from the anglers who caught them. 

You’ll find the fish float near Bayview Street and Second Avenue–follow the waterfront boardwalk. During the season, here is what you can expect to find for sale:

Albacore tunaJune – October
Coho salmonLimited Fishery Activities
Chum salmonJuly – November
Dungeness crabYear-Round
HalibutFebruary – November
Pink salmonJuly, August
Sablefish / black codYear-Round
Sea urchinYear-Round
Sockeye salmonJuly, August, September
Spot prawnsMay – June

Steveston is a must-see when visiting Vancouver. This beautiful village should be on everyone’s travel bucket list.

How to go to Steveston from Vancouver city Centre?

The beautiful fishing port of “Steveston” is located about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Vancouver city center by bus.

There is a Canada line that goes to Richmond-Brighouse. You can take bus 401, 402, 406, or 407 when you arrive at the Richmond-Brighouse.

Learn more at Translink’s Official Website for Public Transportation in Vancouver Greater Area.

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