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Here are 3 Institutions that offer Pathways to Universities in Canada


Edited by Amrit Singh

Many international students may struggle about getting a high GPA for applying to many of the renowned universities in Canada. However, there is an alternative pathway for international students to prepare themselves for university studies, at a slower pace and a specific GPA before starting their application. We have compiled three institutions that offer pathway programs to universities in Canada.

Three Canadian institutions offer university pathways

Fraser International College(FIC)


FIC is located on the SFU Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University. It has always been known for “providing a direct path to the second year of SFU study for international students.” All of their courses are taught by senior university lecturers to help students transition smoothly to their degree programs at SFU.

Why FIC is great for International Students?

  • Outstanding professors teach all courses
  • Small classes approach allow students to build an intimate relationship with their professors
  • Share university facilities and services with SFU students, including libraries, computer rooms, recreational facilities, dormitory and health services.
  • Academic and personal support to help students achieve their goals
  • Received a joint admission notice for FIC bridge courses and courses for their majors
  • Guaranteed admission from SFU and transition to their second-year courses

Besides SFU, students can also choose to continue their studies in the following universities

  • Capilano University 
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University 
  • Emily Carr Univeristy 
  • Thompson Rivers University 
  • University of the Fraser Valley 

International College of Manitoba(ICM)


ICM and University Manitoba have always worked together. They are committed to providing various support services for international students to help students successfully transition to the University of Manitoba. In addition, ICM provides the foundation and access to an undergraduate degree from the University of Manitoba. The second stage of UTP is equivalent to the first year of a university bachelor’s degree. After completing the second phase of UTP, students will be transferred to the second year of the degree program at the University of Manitoba.

The ICM is located inside the main campus of the University of Manitoba. Therefore, students from ICM can enjoy all the resources and facilities at the University of Manitoba, including libraries, gymnasiums, five-star luxury gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.

In terms of teaching, ICM provides a small-class educational approach and additional study guidance for current students to help them adapt to life in Canada and the university’s environment. Moreover, most of the students who teach ICM are professors at the University of Manitoba. Therefore, the Student Union also has many opportunities to contact these academic predecessors, which will significantly help students choose their majors and enter university life.

ICM students can take language and academic courses at the same time. Once they have achieved the required GPA, they can directly enter the University of Manitoba in the second year and complete the corresponding undergraduate courses.

Ryerson University International College (RUIC)


RUIC is an international college under Ryerson University, which provides pre-undergraduate courses leading to Ryerson University. The UTPⅡ critical systems are designed for international students. After completing their one-year project, students will get admission from Ryerson University and start taking second-year courses.

Ryerson University International College provides international students with the following majors:

  • Business Management (BComm)-Business Management (BComm)
  • International Economics and Finance (BA)- International Economics and Finance (BA)
  • Arts (BA)-3 majors that can be applied for in Liberal Arts (BA), connected to more than ten majors of Ryerson University.

Students will complete at least ten courses for their majors, with a total of 10-11 credits. Their completed courses are equivalent to their first-year courses at Ryerson University. In Ontario, each class in colleges and universities refers to one credit.

Why International Students choose RUIC?

  • Taught by university professors and college professors
  • Courses are equivalent to all university credit courses
  • Each mall class only has 30-40 people
  • Access to university facilities and services (including libraries, computer laboratories, recreational facilities, on-campus accommodation and health services)
  • Academic counselling, personal support
  • Enrollment period: January, May, September
  • Satisfy the admission GPA in the admission notice, unlimited quota, guaranteed admission
  • Received a joint admission notice for RUIC bridge courses and RU-related degree sophomore courses

Source: Fraser International College International College of Manitoba Ryerson University International College

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