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How to make an Income as a Translator in Canada?

If you speak fluently more than 1 language, you are in demand in Canada. There are a lot of large language solution companies in North America, which employ several hundred thousand interpreters and translators to serve the Limited English Proficient community (also known as LEPs). These companies serve millions of people, speak hundreds of languages, and this industry will continue to grow along with the numbers of immigrants to English-speaking countries, such as Canada. 

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Why Are Translators So Important?

Although English and French are the official languages of developed countries such as Canada, everyone has the right to convert proper information into their preferred language in order to understand it more effectively. Even if you are good at general English, you will need help when dealing with certain documents, such as medical, legal, technical, etc… A translator’s work could, therefore, include the following: Transposition of a literary or scientific work into another language; technical translation, translation proper, interpretation and terminology. 

Every year on 30 September, the United Nations declares International Translation Day. Translation plays an important role in bringing nations together, facilitating dialogue, understanding, and cooperation, contributing to development, and promoting peace and security around the world. 

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How Bright Are The Careers of Translators? 

Interpreters earn on average 19.47 CAD/hour, while translators earn on average 24.21 CAD/hour according to the Job Bank of Canada. 

Over the period 2019-2028, 8,100 job openings for translators, terminologists, and interpreters are to be expected. Thousands of translators and interpreters are also being hired by global language companies each year in Canada. 

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How to Become a Certified Translator or Interpreter?

Licensed translators must be certified by their province’s or territory’s regulatory body or by their provincial association. 

CTTIC represents all the Canadian provincial certifying bodies except OTTIAQ, which represents the Quebec certification bodies. You can search for a group that represents your province through CTTIC. Likewise, the associations represent licensed professionals in translation, interpretation, and terminology in Canada. 

Two years of relevant work experience (also known as mentoring) and passing the national certification exam, held twice a year, are necessary steps to obtain a diploma in translation.

Alternately, you can submit a dossier consisting of 10 to 12 samples of your work, each of which is about 250 words long, that demonstrate your skill in various subject areas and knowledge of technical processes. 

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Interpretation and Translation program in British Columbia

The following program might be of interest to you:

Simon Fraser University – Interpretation and Translation Diploma 

SFU’s Interpretation and Translation Diploma is an eight-month program that is offered in Mandarin Chinese or Japanese/English. During the interpretation and translation program, you attend 20 hours of daytime classes at Simon Fraser University’s downtown Vancouver campus each week. You must complete these courses to earn a diploma.

You will also strengthen your skills by participating in weekly on-site interpretation field training sessions at various locations in the Vancouver area. 

You can also learn more about the field by attending professional development workshops. You will hear from guest speakers who work as interpreters and translators, as potential employers, and as members of professional associations and certification bodies.

You will apply and practice what you learn while taking professional courses that combine theory and practice during on-location interpreting field training. There are 7 hours of field hours out of the 20 classes per week.

Source: International Translation Day Salary Information 8,100 Job Openings SFU Interpretation and Translation Diploma

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