Transfer Your Credits to Top-Ranked Universities in British Columbia

Transferred credits are not well understood by most people when they hear about them. Let’s start at the very beginning with Canada’s education system. Canadian education is unique compared to other countries where the education system is standardized. The educational system offers students a range of options rather than forcing them to make a single choice. They can explore their interests and talents before choosing a career.

What is transfer?

BC’s post-secondary institutions offer a wide range of programs, and transferring opens up new options for access. If a student does not meet the admission requirements for entering a BC university directly, they are eligible to apply for admission later as a transfer student. Students can earn up to two years of college credit (and sometimes more!) and transfer to a university to finish their degrees.

Additionally, students can transfer between non-degree programs. In some cases, you may start a diploma at one institution and complete it at another. You can also take courses through distance education from a variety of locations and transfer the credits back to your “home” institution. By transferring, students can begin their studies at an institution of their choice, allowing them to take courses close to home with smaller class sizes and more affordable tuition fees. 

How does transferring credits work?

Find out how British Columbia’s Transfer System works, how to successfully transfer, and what type of credit can be transferred. Find the information you need here!

Three Types of Transfer Options

In order to transfer between different institutions, students must earn a certain number of credits beforehand. The three main types of transfer are: transfer from college to university, transfer from university to university, and transfer between provinces. Educational systems vary from province to province. Students should check their website to determine their requirements for transfer.

The University Transfer (UT) program allows students to study their first two years of theory and professional courses at their current schools and transfer their completed credits to other schools to continue their education. British Columbia has a high rate of university transfer with as many as 70%-75% of undergraduate students studying in more than one school before graduation.

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So why is it so popular among students and what are the advantages?


Students will be able to plan for heir schedules with their teachers or consultant, making sure that they are always on the right track and avoid deferred graduation.

Affordable Tuition

Most Institutions that offered University Transfer will have a more affordable tuition rate, which can help students to save money for their Masters or PhD.

Prepare Before Entering the Top-Ranked University

The admission requirement for the top-ranked universities in British Columbia is relatively higher than other provinces. If students’ grade in high school might not be able to fulfill their admission requirement, this path will be another option to consider.

How does University Transfer work?

BC’s university transfer credit system is operated by the BC Admissions and Transfer Credit Committee (BCCAT), and the official website of BC Transfer Guide is here.

Step 1: Go to the homepage of the BC Transfer Guide website and click “Transfer Search” in the upper right corner

BC Transfer Guide Screenshot with "Transfer Search" highlight

Step 2: Enter the current school and course.

BC Transfer Guide Screenshot "institution selection" highlights

Step 3: Click Search and you can see which universities will receive the credits for this course.

Institutions that accept credits screenshot from BC Transfer Guide
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