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5 Fun Things You Can Do in Vancouver this Winter

The Vancouver Area is looking lively again now that most people are vaccinated. Here are some of the activities you can do and their limitations. 

Vancity _Restuarants
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Many if not all restaurants in The Lower Mainland have reopened their dining area and are operating as they did before the pandemic. The most notable difference is that the staff always wear masks now. There are also dividers between tables to decrease any risk of contact between customers. And of course, staff will check your vaccine passport and ID before they lead you to a table. 

Inside of Metrotown Mall. Source: Metrotown Mall


Malls and shops are back in business. Some places may not be open as long as they used to, but they offer their services nonetheless. In Vancouver, they do not typically require you to show them your vaccine passport, however you’re still going to need your mask. Many services turn away people if they do not comply with the rules. Even if the government may say you do not need your masks indoors, they do not have jurisdiction over the individual businesses that require it.

Friends Home Visit
Friends Home Visit

Visiting Your Friend’s House

Visiting people’s houses is no longer a monitored activity. Before the vaccines, people were only allowed to visit backyards and be in groups of six. Now that most of us have our vaccines, the restrictions have been looser. 

People have freely come and gone into each others’ homes and you’re not required to wear a mask. Some people might make the personal choice to wear masks, but if you’re all fully vaccinated, you should feel safe with your friends.  

Christmas Market in Vancouver
Christmas Market in Vancouver. Source: Vancouver Christmas Market

Tourist Attractions

Many tourist attractions have opened up as well. If there’s anyone flying into Vancouver, they’re most likely people from other parts of the country. 

The Vancouver Area is known for its outdoor attractions like hikes, skiing, and various water sports. Those have always been open freely, but just like before, be considerate of others and stay 6 feet (2m) apart. As we enter November and Christmas is fast approaching, some outdoor activities have returned. Starting November 13, the Christmas Market will be open! This is a fun outdoor experience where you can buy from local shops and eat Christmas-themed food. 

As for indoor activities, a lot of museums, arcades, and theatres have all opened up again. Despite signs that advise guests to keep a fair distance from each other, many people forget to do so. Groups of people tend to sit in close proximity to each other. When it’s a rainy day in Vancouver, it’s hard to avoid these kinds of crowds as everyone is also still trying to have fun while it’s wet outside.

Here is a list of fun stuff you can check out:

  • Imagine Picasso
  • Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Vancouver Maritime Museum
  • The Rec Room
Rogers Arena in Vancouver
Photo by Joe G. Source: Google Map


Lots of artists have their eyes on stopping by Vancouver again. Many have even already planned their tours out and offer tickets to their fans. Unlike past concert experiences, you’re going to need your vaccine passport and your ID along with your concert ticket.  

Vancouver’s Future

Covid is certainly less of a threat than before, but this doesn’t mean we can let our guard down. Please remember to always wash your hands and wear your mask, even if you already have both doses of the vaccine. 

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