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As the only comprehensive technical university in Canada, Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is ranked third in Vancouver. It has always been one of the most popular universities in Vancouver for international students.

KPU provides a wide range of business, art, and design courses, employing small-class teaching approach to create an engaging environment for students to learn better in class. Each of their courses combines basic theory with hands-on experience, allowing students to apply their knowledge to their workplace and give it back to the community. KPU provides more than 100 transfer credit courses that are recognized by UBC and SFU. After graduation, students will be able to apply for a three-year working visa.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Kwantlen Polytechnic University), referred to as KPU.

The word Kwantlen comes from the Canadian aboriginal language and means “a runner who never gets tired”, which also indicates that Kwantlen KPU has always been a public university that strives for progress.


Many unique projects provided by Kwantlen KPU are not available in other colleges and universities.

  • Unique Fashion and technology in Western Canada and Product design degrees
  • The only Brewing diploma in BC, and the first brewing major in Canada recognized by the Masters Brewing Association
  • The first accredited Interior design degree in BC
  • Bachelor of Urban Ecosystem is the only undergraduate degree in North America dedicated to the study of urban ecosystems
  • KPU is the first public university that provides Traditional Chinese medicine-acupuncture


KPU has 7 colleges and more than 140 majors.

School of business

KPU business is famous among students and their business students have won the best overall team medal of the BC Business Simulation Award and the silver medal of the Western Canada Information Engineering Competition.

KPU is one of the largest business schools in Western Canada and the first Canadian undergraduate business school accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). It is also one of the three provincially managed business school in Canada. The Canadian Institute of Management has certified one of the institutions that meet its CIM (Certified in Management) and P.Mgr. (Professional Manager) requirements.

KPU does not only offer ranges of practical majors, but also certificates/diplomas, associate degrees/undergraduates, post-undergraduate diplomas, and postgraduate diplomas. Most majors have Co-op (paid internship) opportunities.

  • Accounting (certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree, post-undergraduate diploma)
  • Business Administration (Diploma)
  • General Business General Business Studies (Certificate, Diploma)
  • Bussiness Management (Certificate, Diploma)
  • Computer Information Systems (certificate, diploma)
  • Economics (Associate Degree, Bachelor)
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership (Bachelor)
  • Human Resources Management (Bachelor, post-undergraduate diploma)
  • Information Technology (Bachelor)
  • Marketing Marketing (Diploma, Bachelor)
  • Public Relations (Diploma)
  • Green Business Management and Sustainability Business Management and Sustainability (Graduate Diploma)
  • Global Business Management (Graduate Diploma)

Science and Horticulture

The School of Science and Horticulture represents the true mission of KPU. All classes are taught in small classes, combining traditional academic theories with professional and applied learning, which equip students with a strong theoretical foundation and practical skills, and can apply their knowledge to the workplace and the community.

  • Biology (Bachelor)
  • Chemistry (Bachelor)
  • General Science (Associate Degree, Diploma)
  • Health Science (Bachelor)
  • Horticulture (diploma, apprenticeship)
  • Mathematics (Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree)
  • Plant Health (Bachelor)
  • Physics (Bachelor)
  • Sustainable Agriculture (Bachelor)
  • Urban Ecosystems (Bachelor)

Faculty of Arts

KPU’s School of Humanities aims to provide students with meaningful courses. By cultivating their critical thinking, encouraging them to give creative expression, deepening the awareness of social fairness and improving skills, students will be well-prepared for their future career.

  • Anthropology (Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree)
  • Arts Humanities (Certificate, Diploma)
  • Asian Studies Asian Studies (Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree)
  • Counselling (Bachelor)
  • Creative Writing (Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree)
  • Criminology (Certificate, Diploma, Associate, Bachelor)
  • English (Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree)
  • Fine Arts (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor)
  • General Studies Comprehensive disciplines (diploma, associate degree, bachelor)
  • Geography (Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree)
  • History (Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree)
  • Journalism Journalism (Bachelor)
  • Music (Diploma, Bachelor)
  • NGO’s & Nonprofit Studies (Certificate)
  • Philosophy Philosophy (Associate Degree, Degree)
  • Politial Science Policy Research (Degree)
  • Political Science (Associate Degree, Degree)
  • Psychology (Associate Degree, Degree)
  • Sociology (Associate Degree, Degree)

Wilson School of Design

Wilson School of Design is a pioneer in the field of design education. The college is named after Chip Wilson and his wife, the founders of lululemon, the largest sportswear brand in North America.

  • Fashion and Technology Fashion Design (Bachelor, Diploma)
  • Product Design Product Design (Bachelor)
  • Interior Design (Bachelor)
  • Fashion Marketing Fashion Marketing (Bachelor)
  • Graphic Design for Marketing Marketing Graphic Design (Bachelor)
  • Foundation in Design (certificate)
  • Technical Apparel Design Outdoor Sports Apparel Design (Postgraduate Diploma)

Faculty of Health

  • Health Care Assistant (certificate)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine-Acupuncture (Diploma)

Faculty of Trades and Technology

  • Appliance Service Technician Appliance Repair (Certificate)
  • Mechatronics and Advances Manufacturing Technology (diploma, certificate)

Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation

  • Adult Upgrading (English)
  • Undergraduate double admission
Entry Requirements
  • Students will need to graduated from high school or have taken some diploma credits, but less than 24 credits: English 12, Aboriginal English 12, or Literary Studies 12 with no less than C+ or IELTS 6.5 (not less than 6.0 for each item) or TOEFL (TOEFL) iBT 88 (not less than 20 for each item)
  • If students have taken more than 24 credits for university preparation courses and diploma courses from post-secondary educational institutions: Meet English requirements and GPA 2.0 or above is required for the total score
  • KPU can accept up to 75% of credit transfer (Credit Transfer)
    If students have already studied half of their courses at College. They can still transfer to University and get a college diploma. For example, if students have taken 60 credits, they only need to study five courses at KPU to get KPU’s Diploma.

Admission deadline

  • January, May, September
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