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Canada is a massive country that stretches from coast to coast so let’s have a look at what makes up the West Coast lifestyle.

Nature and Recreation

As the name “West Coast” implies, we are right by the ocean. Not far from the coastline, the mountains stretch out towards the sky. No matter what direction you look, you will see a marvelous sight. In terms of nature and weather, Vancouverites are a little spoiled. We are surrounded by forests that keep the air fresh and being near the ocean keeps the temperature from going towards the extremes.

The Metro Vancouver area has literally everything: rolling fields, sunny beaches, and fresh lakes. However, Vancouverites are most proud of the mountains. We revolve our identity around the mountains. Whenever a native Vancouverite travels outside of BC, the first thing they’ll typically ask is, “Where are the mountains?”

Because of how much nature we have, Vancouverites have at least one outdoor activity that they like. The most common ones are hiking, biking, or skiing. In fact, when you hang out with people from here, you will be spending the majority of your time outdoors.

Since Vancouver is surrounded by mountains, the area has become a heaven for hikers. Even if you plan to go on a hike every weekend in the summer, you will still have a thousand more hikes to try out. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hiker, there’s a trail that will fit exactly what you want.

You’ll also need a bike to get around. The sport is more common closer to the city, but don’t be surprised if someone invites you to go biking with them around the Stanley Park Seawall.

In the winter, the snow and the cold make it harder to do activities like biking and hiking (but it doesn’t stop some thrill-seekers). When the snow falls, many Vancouverites take their skis and snowboards and go skiing resorts like Whistler or Grouse Mountain.

Two people at the peak of a mountain overlooking a lake.

Study at Capilano University


If you find yourself getting excited about all these characteristics of West Coast and Vancouver life, then you’ll absolutely love Capilano University (CapU). CapU is in North Vancouver which is located right outside of Vancouver. It provides the entire West Coast experience on a smaller scale.

CapU provides an abundant option of majors for students to choose from, including common majors that are highly demanding and other professional industries. The university is particularly known for its Arts, Animation, Tourism, Film, and Music programs. They even offer a Bachelor of Jazz Studies which is considered to be one of the top jazz training institutions in Canada. CapU is also proud to be the first school in Canada to offer a Bachelor’s in Music Therapy.

At the same time, CapU also offers University Transfer courses and it is specially designed for international students to strengthen their foundation in English. University Transfer courses allow students to take prerequisites for their major and English courses at the same time, saving time for students and assisting them to get into other post-secondary institutions. Currently, there are two majors offered as University Transfer courses: Business Administration and Early Childhood Education (ECE).

Things You Can Do in the West Coast of Canada

Surrounding Capilano University are a few attractions that identify the West Coast. If you’re ever in North Vancouver, you definitely can’t miss out on these places.

Deep Cove

Deep Cove is a beach not far from the university’s main campus. It’s a quiet and clean beach where you can do a number of water activities. They offer kayak, canoe, and paddleboard rentals or you can just splash around in the sea. After your water adventures, you can relax in one of the cafes or have a picnic in their grassy areas. If you’re not one for water activities, you can take a quick walk up Quarry Rock and see the cove from above.

Seymour Mountain

Although more popular in the winter, the mountain has something to offer to everyone all year. In the summer, you can go up to its hikes; you can even start all the way from CapU. In the winter, it’s a popular ski resort with fantastic views.

Lynn Canyon

Lynn Canyon is a super popular spot for visitors because it’s open all year round. It has a bridge that overlooks a river and waterfall. After crossing, you’re welcomed by a number of hikes that spread across the entire North Shore. Lynn Canyon is especially popular in the summer because of the rivers and streams that people can dip in during the hot days.

Trans Canada Trail

If you go hiking around CapU, you might find yourself on the Trans Canada Trail. Yes, it’s a very long trail that crosses over and through major cities in Canada. You can use it to get around the Lower Mainland too. However, if you’re feeling a little daring, you could take it to get to Calgary or even Toronto.

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