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5 Ultimate Canadian Winter Experiences for Your Bucketlist


Canada is broadly recognized as the home of winter, where people can expect nothing less than the vast beautiful scenes of it. From natural landscapes to nature reserves, most areas in Canada will be covered in a coat of snow and frost. That is not an obstacle at all, in fact, there is plenty of fun to enjoy on a snowy day in some famous destination. (It is extremely difficult for us to pick only 5 places when anyone can easily make a list of 50 winter wonderlands in Canada).

5 Top Bucketlist to Enjoy Winter Wonderlands in Canada

1. Whistler – British Columbia

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Once the host of Winter Olympic 2010, this town is known as the year-round festival destination. In winter, there are endless activities to enjoy here: ski runs, skidooing, the bobsled track, dogsled ride, luge runs, or even ice-climbing. Whistler is the place to be for some of the world-famous ski resorts. Even if you are more of an introverted traveler, a cup of coffee to enjoy the immense winter view is worth the trip.

2. Banff – Alberta

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The Banff national park is another year-round dreamland for any traveler. While you get to enjoy the emerald color of the famous Lake Louis in the summer, the lake along with the whole Banff town and Bow valley totally transforms in winter. The yearly WinterStart Festival cannot be missed if you plan to travel to Banff. This week-long event normally kick-off late November or early December, just when the winter transformation starts. The festival has a ton of activities, including a parade, the World Cup Ski Races, the Lake Louise Winterstart World Cup Downhill, musical concerts, film screenings, Christmas socials, and family events with face painting, Santa, and theatrical performances.

3. Niagara Falls – Ontario

Niagara falls in Winter

What you can expect from the famous and tremendous Niagara Falls in winter? Well, it freezes, so you will be even more amazed by this incredible natural landscape. If you want to observe the frozen of time, come stare at the spectacular frozen waterfalls for once. If you want to feel more alive and joyful, there will be 3 million lights lit up along the Niagara Parkway, Dufferin Islands, and across Niagara Falls when Festivals of Lights kick-off in mid-November until February.

4. Rideau Canal – Ontario

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It is a simple to understand yet amazing experience ahead of us, to get to know why this is among the top choices. The whole canal freezes every year, making it the world’s largest natural skating rink. If you have the stamina, you can skate for 7 kilometers on this rink! 

5. Cape Spear – Newfoundland and Labrador

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Coming here just for the feeling of standing on the eastern tip of the Northern Americas continent is worth every single effort. At Cape Spear Lighthouse, you will be the first person across America’s continent to see the first sunrise of the day. The same thing for New Year’s Eve, guess who will be the first person to celebrate New Year before the rest of Canada? If this is not interesting enough, then iceberg sighting is another tremendous attraction in NF&L. 

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