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International Foundation Program
Get Accepted at University of Toronto – International Foundation Program (IFP)
International Foundation Program

Get Accepted at University of Toronto – International Foundation Program (IFP)

The University of Toronto offers the International Foundation Program (IFP) for international undergraduate students. The program combines conditional acceptance to the University with intensive English courses and undergraduate credit courses. The IFP is available for all programs on the St. George campus, with the exception of Kinesiology & Physical Education. 

How does the IFP Program work?

The International Foundation Program is designed specifically for international students who meet academic qualifications but do not meet the University of Toronto’s English proficiency standards. Program courses a degree-specific course, a discipline-specific course, and three English language and academic skills courses.

The IFP Degree Course

As part of the International Foundation Program, students will take one degree-specific course for credit. Upon completing the International Foundation Program, this will count toward the degree they intend to pursue. Depending on their admitted program and faculty of study, students will be assigned one of the following courses:

  • Themes in World History 
    • This course surveys the development of human societies from their origins to the present using examples from across the world. Topics may include the environment; cultural development and interaction; the creation and nature of belief systems; political, economic and social structures; gender relations; and the relationship between global patterns and local developments.
  • Developing Engineering Strategies and Practices
    • This course introduces and provides a framework for the design process. Students are introduced to communication as a key component of engineering practice. The course is intended to help students understand problem solving and develop communications and teamwork skills.

Courses specific to each IFP academic discipline

Depending on your admission stream, your discipline-specific courses will vary:

  • Applied Concepts in Economics
  • Reading and Writing in Mathematics
  • Problem Solving in the Sciences
  • Information in the Digital Era
  • Challenges to Global Equity
  • Engineering Foundations in Mathematics
  • Applied Music
Language and academic skill development courses offered by the IFP

Intensive academic skills and English language courses are an essential component of the International Foundation Program. These courses teach students how to analyze and interpret information from both written and oral sources, construct evidence-based arguments, and present their ideas. Some of the courses students will take include:

  • Academic Listening & Speaking
  • Written English Discourse
  • Critical Reading & Writing
  • University Skills & Strategies
  • Academic Literacies & Identities

The IFP is your gateway to U of T!

With the International Foundation Program, international students can embark on an exceptional education experience in Canada. International students can take advantage of several benefits of the IFP program.

Admissions to Canada’s Top-Ranked Universities

To begin, the IFP program is your gateway to Canada’s number 1 public university, the University of Toronto, which also places 18th in the world. This acceptance is based on the successful completion of the IFP program. It has been 193 years since the University of Toronto became internationally recognized as a renowned research center with 17 schools, 13 teaching hospitals, 19 graduate institutions, and 75 PhD programs. University of Toronto alumni include four Canadian Prime Ministers and six Nobel laureates. More than 80,000 students, including more than 10,000 international students, attend the University every year, making it the nation’s largest educational institution. The University of Toronto consistently ranks among the top 25 universities in the world. 

Credits Towards your U of T Degree

Additionally, you will receive one credit for your degree at the University of Toronto as part of your IFP program; this is achieved by taking a course that is designated as a degree course. Depending on the program they are admitted to, students will either take Themes in World History or Engineering Strategies and Practice for credit. Students pursuing degrees in one of the following faculties will benefit from the history course: Faculty of Music, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, or Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. This credit course can help satisfy graduation breadth requirements for students completing an undergraduate degree at the St. George campus. In the meantime, the engineering course will apply to students entering programs in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, for example, a Mechanical Engineering degree.

Become familiar with Canadian education

The for-credit course, as well as the other IFP courses, are taught by trained academic professionals who will provide students with exposure to academic university courses in Canada. Students from abroad will have an advantage over other international students at U of T; they will better understand the structure of Canadian university-level courses. They will also be offered the chance to live in downtown Toronto.

Conditional Acceptance to Degree Programs at University of Toronto

The conditional acceptance is for all programs on the St. George campus, with the exception of Kinesiology & Physical Education. 

Small class sizes benefit academic performance

Additionally, international students in the IFP will benefit from small classes and personalized learning, resulting in success at the University of Toronto program. The IFP program enables its students to grow individually in a personalized setting, which is one of the reasons why students perform exceptionally well in their undergraduate studies!

International students who are highly capable academically but lack the necessary English language proficiency can take advantage of the International Foundation Program. In addition to informing students about what first-year classes at the University of Toronto will be like, the program allows students to take intensive English courses and academic skills courses to improve their skills and knowledge.

What is the application process?

The application process to the International Foundation Program is identical to that of direct admission: 

  • Step 1: Submit the student’s application through the OUAC ( Once UofT has received the OUAC application, within 1-2 weeks, the student will receive a UofT applicant number, as well as detailed next steps instructions on how to log into their JOIN UofT applicant account ( and submit their documents. 
  • Step 2: Once the applicant has submitted all their required documents, they will be reviewed for admission. If the student is successfully admitted to the University of Toronto, the student will receive a conditional acceptance letter through their JOIN account. 

Detailed information about the application procedure and requirements can be found here:

Detailed information about the International Foundation Program can be found here:

The IFP brochure can be downloaded here:


All IFP application deadlines are published here:

It is also on the UofT application website page:
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