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Cafeteria Foods

Here is What I Learned About Cheap Cafeteria Foods in Canada

Cafeteria Food At My School

Cafeteria food is a convenient and cheap way to fuel yourself during the school day. The low costing food items can help everyone with all price ranges, a healthy and nutritious meal. Cafeteria food may vary from school to school, to name some, menu items, meat and vegetable options, choice of the daily meals, and even some schools simply not having a cafeteria system operated. For example places like Japan often do not have cafeterias inside high schools and elementary schools as they eat pre-determined meals and inside classrooms.

Fried foods

What Type Of Foods are served?

My school has a tiny cafeteria that serves food throughout the day to students and teachers. The cafeteria is usually run by 5 chefs that are busy making food the whole day. The foods that are usually served regularly are grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs and sausages, and soup of the day in the morning for breakfast. During lunch pizzas, fries, salads, and meals of the day are available (Fried rice, butter chicken, chicken with mash potatoes and gravies, Chow mein, and fish and chips). Snacks and pastries are also available like cookies and cinnamon buns. 

Pastry in Cafeteria Fridge

What I Typically Enjoy

My go-to for breakfast is a cream of mushroom soup, and for lunch is basmati rice with chicken. These food items are affordable and come in pretty decent proportions. These food prices may vary from 3-6 dollars. The large variety of ethnic dishes are a great way to introduce different cultures and flavors into our pallets. Thanks to Canada’s great diversity in people this is possible and is happening every day in our lives. The Cafeteria inside my school is also a good thing as it does not force students to eat specific things they do not like, for example, many schools force students to take a fruit or a vegetable with their meal as it is healthy, but in reality, this does not help them but have them waste all the food, as at the end of lunch most of these “healthy options” are thrown into garbage bins. One thing I would deeply appreciate for my school to improve on is how fresh and healthy the food options are, although my school serves a good number of salads and soups, these choices are often overthrown by junk food like pizzas and fries. Leftover foods from the last day are used for the next if not finished as wasting food is not something the cafeteria at my school likes to do. 

Food in cafeteria fridge


Overall cafeteria food is a positive in many students’ lives like mine and can help boost my energy and productivity for the day. What is your cafeteria or school lunch like? 

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