How to Launch your Career as an E-commerce Specialist?

An e-commerce specialist designs and implements strategies to simplify online transactions and processes. The specialist also develops and executes marketing plans for websites. The writers of e-commerce content decide on which products to publish on the portal. The ability to understand these systems allows them to establish best practices for content creation, product listing, and distribution while maintaining an online presence for their companies.

Canadian and US Money

High Salary for eCommerce Specialists

The role of an eCommerce specialist goes far beyond what meets the eye. Did you know, for instance, that they earn an average of C$29.31 per hour? That’s about C$60,971 per year according to Payscale!

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How to become an eCommerce specialist?

One of the first things you should consider when deciding whether to become an e-commerce specialist is how much education you need. In order to become an e-commerce specialist, you must choose the right major. Experience from other jobs may help you become an e-commerce specialist. E-commerce specialist jobs often require experience in roles like sales associates. While many e-commerce specialists also have previous career experience as customer service representatives or cashiers. Education in business is another pathway to becoming an e-commerce specialist.

Common Responsibilities in eCommerce Specialist

Below are some examples that represent typical tasks that e-commerce specialists may have to perform in their roles based on responsibilities found on real resumes.

  • Engage and manage outside vendors for SEO, content writing, and PPC management.
  • Manage and create an Intranet system that allows users to access various web applications.
  • HTML, CSS, & JavaScript are used to develop and style web page elements.
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Business Management and Nine-Month Co-op (Diploma)

This program at Canadian College is suitable for students who would like to pursue a career in business and eCommerce. While taking part in the co-op program, students have the opportunity to work in the business and e-commerce worlds while participating in coursework that prepares them for a sustainable career. To pursue a career as an e-commerce specialist, make sure you take elective e-commerce courses.

Learn more about their Business Management and Nine-Month Co-op Diploma program.

Social Media Marketing (Diploma)

eCommerce needs social media marketing to have a sustainable business. Social Media Marketing examines the developments, trends, and tools that are helping organizations build more meaningful relationships with their audiences. Students will be exposed to a variety of social media platforms and services, as well as learn how to integrate social media tools with one another. Additionally, students will gain a better understanding of the impact and implications of social engagement tools on organizations and the marketplace. You can pivot into an eCommerce career by following the Social Media route!

Learn more about their Social Media Marketing Diploma program.

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