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Study in Alberta at one of the Best Business Schools in the World

Study in Alberta at one of the Best Business Schools in the World

In CEOWORLD Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Business Schools in the World for 2021, SAIT’s School of Business ranks among the top three Canadian schools.

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Each year, the ranking of CEOWORLD Magazine is determined based on student surveys, research, and publicly available statistics. The research is based on the satisfaction levels of students, professionals, and recruiters.

What makes SAIT’s School of Business one of the best in the world?


SAIT’s School of Business is strongly industry-driven, delivering instruction by faculty who are experts in the field. Through work-integrated learning, SAIT business students have been able to meaningfully connect with industry and develop their knowledge – from practicums to final capstone projects. SAIT’s connections are anchored by advisory councils that include corporate leaders such as Sun Life Financial, Deloitte, and Suncor Energy. These relationships support program development and also provide valuable networking and mentorship opportunities. As a supportive and inclusive environment, SAIT has resources in place to help our students deal with the bumps they encounter while working through their studies, which is of real value to them as well.

Students’ achievements speak louder than words


Entrepreneurs, designers, and community builders make up the SAIT alumni community. Here are a few success stories from School of Business alumni.  

  • Ryan Scott – President and Chief Executive Officer, Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit helps Avalon Master Builder meet consumer demand for sustainable homes. 
  • Jennifer Carlson. The founder of Baby Gourmet fills a market gap in baby food. Now she’s into youth skincare with Thirsty Naturals.
  • Jay Westman – Co-Founder of Jayman Homes in Calgary. He is also heavily involved in giving back to the community.
  • Albert Myles Mejia – An entrepreneur, designer, and ambassador for street culture. YYCSOLEdiers and Legal Hustle Clothing Inc. are founded by Mejia. His latest business venture is By Myles Design and Print Studios

Learn more about SAIT School of Business below video.

International Students should take their business education to the next level at SAIT

* Information was retrieved on 23 December 2021

The School of Business has many programs available for international students. There are 5 business diplomas available, including Business Administration, Business Administration Automotive Management, Administrative Information Management, English Language Foundations, and Business Administration Plus. If you want to pursue your education further you can opt for a Bachelor of Applied Business Administration or Bachelor of Business Administration.

Learn more about programs for international students at SAIT.

Interested in Hospitality or Tourism?

The School of Hospitality and Tourism at SAIT is also ranked among the best Hospitality and Hotel Management Schools in CEOWORLD’s prestigious world rankings.

Learn more about SAIT Hospitality and Tourism education

Source: SAIT Best Business School Rankings
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