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Make a Difference in the World with International Development

What is International Development?

International development professionals work to reduce or erase the impact of global issues such as poverty and related development projects. This career field also goes under global affairs or global relations.  

Experts in this broad-ranged field tackle issues ranging from global health, sustainable development, social issues, country-wide financial and government infrastructures and emerging market investment opportunities.

Careers in International Development

There are a vast range of different careers that offer experience with international development. The one you’ll probably be most familiar with is the United Nations (UN). Some opportunities are with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the non-profit, or private sectors. As there are wide-range of issues, there are a variety of jobs in international development. Many job titles in international development consist of advocacy, consulting, communications, communications, policy, communications, and research.

Because international development goes under political sciences, many students go on to law school and become lawyers or work in the legal field. Some may also become leaders of their local community, like becoming a mayor or governor. Higher positions may lead to working directly with the country’s leader.

Salaries in International Development

Below is a rough estimate for what salaries within international development look like.

LevelJob TitleSalary Range (USD)
Entry-LevelAdministrator / Assistant23k – 35k
Mid-CareerOfficer / Coordinator / Manager35k – 63k
SeniorAdvisor / Consultant / Director48k – 140k

Source: Humanitarian Society

Career Prospects of International Development

  • Administrators have been determined as a high opportunity job in BC. Because of the various kinds of administrators there are, there’s no shortage of openings. It’s hard to make an exact estimate of how many jobs will be open in the next 5 years. 
  • (Public relations) Managers also have a growing market. The job is expected to have about 3000 openings by 2029.
  • Consultants (also called analysts) come in different shapes and sizes and the specific position could have different wages. Much like the previous two jobs, they also have a high opportunity. Between 2019 and 2029, BC is expecting about 8000 openings. 

Job in global affairs may also require a higher level of education than just a Bachelors. Many people continue to get their masters. Because of the prestige and high responsibility of people working in international relations, a Masters is justified. 

Study International Development Diploma at Okanagan College

Learning the International Development Diploma will prepare learners to work across the globe for organizations involved in development projects. Participants will have the chance to engage in discussions on current issues such as poverty, environmental degradation, racial and gender discrimination, corruption, and lack of economic and financial transparency, as well as political dysfunction. 

The learners who successfully complete this program will have acquired a multidisciplinary understanding of current issues in international development and will be able to apply appropriate methods for analyzing global development issues.

Two Options for the Diploma:

International Development Governance. Students may choose to specialize in any of the following areas:

  • Women and Development
  • Environment and Development
  • Sustainable Development

International Development Management, a joint Diploma Program between Arts and Business.

Whichever option you choose, expect the program to last two years. 

Admission Requirements

The requirements are the same between local and international students. 

  • High School Diploma
    • Must be equivalent to BC’s high school diploma
  • English Proficiency Test 
    • Ex) IELTS overall score of 6.0
Apply to Okanagan College

If you want to apply for classes in the fall of 2022, now’s your chance. Okanagan College’s applications are open for all programs that start in September. While there’s no set date for it to close, it’s better to apply as early as possible. Assume that their applications will close by mid-March because they’ve been accepting applications since October 2021. 

Other Advantages of International Development

If you’re passionate about global and societal issues and you want to see the world grow to be a better place, then studying International Development at Okanagan College is the best choice for you.

The program sets you up to have the basic skill set to enter the field confidently. It also gives you the option to continue school and take your diploma to a Bachelor’s level. At Okanagan College, you can apply your brilliant ideas and then from there you can only see them develop. 

Whether you work for the UN or a small organization in your city, you’ll be making the world a better place, providing food and new solutions to those who don’t have those kinds of resources. 

Source: International Development Diploma

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