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Study Abroad with Your Children – the Greater Victoria School District

Study Abroad with Your Children – the Greater Victoria School District

There are 27 primary schools under the Greater Victoria School District, and it has an encouraging environment for international students. Their International Education Program is dedicated to cultivating students’ learning and learning capabilities. While their elementary schools offer a variety of academic courses, they provide different extracurricular activities for students to discover their interests and talents. The members of the Greater Victoria School District are passionate about teaching, respect each other, and retain the same goal of helping students learn and grow at school.

Summary of the Greater Victoria School District

  • All of their elementary schools accept international students
  • Provincial capital cities are rich in educational resources
  • Superior language environment
  • Grade K-5
  • 5-10 years old
  • Approximately 300 students per school
  • Small-class teaching: an average of 25 students
  • Duration: 3 months to graduation

Why Should You Consider to Study atthe Greater Victoria School District?

Superb Education

  • Affiliated to the Greater Victoria Public Education School District, with the total of 22,000 students (7 high schools, 10 junior high schools, and 27 elementary schools)
  • Provide K-12 international education since 1992, have about 30 years of experience in education
  • Have international students from 27 countries
  • Courses are approved and certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education
  • Highly qualified teachers and education support staff
  • Advanced facilities and learning tools for a variety of courses
  • Graduates get admitted by top universities and colleges in Canada and around the world

Sufficient Resources in the Community

  • Victoria has abundant community resources that help to improve students’ English proficiency, academic performance and personal growth of international students
  • The city provides many public services, such as library, entertainment facilities and abundant community resources
  • Children can be explored to sports, art, music, dance and other courses for free
  • Sports and entertainment activities: A total of 12 activity centers, students have the opportunity to participate in different extracurricular and sports activities, such as swimming, squash, dancing, tennis, badminton, skating, football, Lego entry, football, karate, tennis, hockey and rhythmic gymnastics, etc

Applying for Elementary School in Victoria

There are 27 options for parents who are considering getting their children enrolled in elementary school. Each student can choose up to three schools and will need to make sure they have an active study permit. If students would love to be enrolled in a class in September, they will need to hand in their applications in May at the latest. Meanwhile, if they would love to be enrolled in Spring, it will be the most ideal date to make a decision in November and December. Please remember that parents need to communicate with each school for any specific requirement.

The list below is our recommended elementary schools in Victoria:

  • Campus View Elementary School 
  • Frank Hobbs Elementary School 
  • Hillcrest Elementary School
  • Margaret Jenkins Elementary School
  • Oaklands Elementary School
  • Sir James Douglas Elementary School
  • Willows Elementary School

Studying With Your Children Abroad

  • Each student can be accompanied by one parent
  • The British Columbia Ministry of Education can provide free guardianship
  • The Canadian border has been recently opened to groups who have been vaccinated
  • Free parental English course, from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 11:30 am

If You Want to Knowthe Greater Victoria School District More?

[Greater Victoria School District] 5 Opportunities for Success!
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