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The Guide to Being Graphic Designer in Canada

The Guide to Being Graphic Designer in Canada

We are practically surrounded by the work of graphic designers. Things like bus stop advertisements, music album covers, movie posters, and logos are all done by graphic designers. They work in all kinds of industries like science, multimedia, and fashion. A graphic designer’s main job is to send a message or communicate information by using visual elements.

The average annual salary is about $54k, where the highest hourly wage could be as high as $43/hour to as low as $17/hour, making the average $27/hour. The industry is split evenly between men and women and the bulk of the population is made up of young professionals.

If you receive formal education in graphic design, you’re not limited to just making art; there are lots of opportunities and related careers to graphic design. You may also enter other careers such as marketing specialists, UI/UX designers, creative directors, or animators. 


What Skills and Things Do You Need to Become a Graphic Designer?

The main two things that a graphic designer should have are a diploma and a portfolio. This portfolio has to be given as much intention as a resume gets. Some other assets include having at least two years of professional experience and some scientific training (especially if you’re going into the science and engineering industry).

On top of that, a number of skills are necessary for the job. Skills such as critical thinking skills, time and stress management, and active listening and comprehension. You as a graphic designer will have to deal with strict deadlines and standards so it’s important that you take in every detail within a short time frame.


Prospects of the Graphic Design Industry

As the world adjusts to a more online-centered culture, the demand for graphic designers grows, especially in cities and urban areas. From 2019 to 2029, BC expects to see about 4,750 job openings in graphic design. This doesn’t even include the other related careers that you could do. Job opportunities are not going down anytime soon and we’ll expect to see a 1.8% increase in job openings. 

If you have formal education in program areas such as animation and illustration, multimedia production, visual arts, or web technologies, you’ll be able to land yourself a job as a graphic designer. These are only a few areas, but if you’re generally trained in art, you can enter the graphic design industry.

How to Become a Graphic Desiner in Canada

Graphic Design Diploma at VCC


Vancouver Career College (VCC) offers a two-year diploma program and wants to prepare its students in the best way possible. Even if you don’t think it’s related to graphic design, it will surely be helpful to have all those skills in the long run.

At VCC, you can expect to learn a number of concepts. They’ll teach you how to use software like Photoshop and Illustrator, design for UI/UX, and business principles. On top of that, VCC will also give you access to drawing tablets and other electronic devices along with creative groups to discuss and critique work.

Your education at VCC won’t stop there. There’s so much more that you’ll learn that wasn’t mentioned. You can check more details and information about their courses on their program page. 

Admission Requirements to Enter to VCC

The program is very competitive and throughout the year, students are accepted on a continuous basis. There are also two different kinds of admission requirements. You as an applicant can choose which one you’d like to apply for. 

A) Standard Admission Requirements (Year 1) 

  • English 12 with a minimum ‘C’ grade or English Language Proficiency at the English 12 ‘C’ level or equivalent
  • Interview with Selection Committee
    • Prior to the interview students are required to provide:
      • Personal portfolio*
      • Resumé and letter of intent clearly listing reasons for pursuing the diploma*

B) Advanced Admission Requirements (Year 2)

  • Completion of a graphic design certificate program equivalent to the first year of the program, from a recognized institution as determined by the department. If necessary, additional first-year courses as determined by the department.
  • Interview with Selection Committee
    • Prior to the interview students are required to provide:
      • Professional portfolio*
      • Resumé and letter of intent, clearly listing reasons for pursuing the diploma*
      • Three references from people who have worked with the applicant in a relevant professional or academic environment

*For more information on application submissions, please see the Submission Guidelines

Why Graphic Design Industory is Important?

Graphic design is a creative yet critical industry. Businesses are starting to see how much they rely on visually appealing advertising that can only be accomplished by a talented team of graphic designers. 

If you consider yourself a creative person and want to apply your skills in multiple kinds of industries, then check out graphic design. It’s the chance for you to apply your skills and passion while being successful in an ever-changing economy. 

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