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a row of easels along a hallway / fine arts at uvic

High Salary Careers with Fine Arts

a row of easels along a hallway / fine arts at uvic

High Salary Careers with Fine Arts

The era of Fine Arts has fundamentally changed. Creativity skills have become increasingly in demand. Organizations see value in creativity as this would in turn bring revenue. Creative professionals work in a variety of settings from the film industry up to the corporate world.

In the modern era, the title of “artist” now has a different meaning. While you can still paint and draw for a living, artists have also applied their talents in a more applicable way.

Fine Arts Careers and Salaries

A company may hire you as a designer or marketing specialist. Creative professionals are needed for marketing campaigns in digital agencies. You can also find work in the film industry as a director or cinematographer. 

Below are some job titles in the creative industry and average salaries according to PayScale. The value is in Canadian Dollars (CAD). 

Designer img

Designer – $55k per year

One of the coolest careers in the arts is design. An art degree can prepare students for a variety of design careers since it can teach them how to solve problems creatively, as well as prepare them for working both independently and as part of a team.

To build a strong online portfolio, get started on building your online design portfolio, and don’t forget to include some design case studies on the projects you’re most proud of from art school. Some careers in design include Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and UX/UI Designer.

Marketing img

Marketing – $56k per year

There are many paths you can take if you are interested in marketing. It encompasses many facets and activities. There are many opportunities to be found in marketing, but the common denominator of these opportunities is the ownership of the product or service. 

A marketer can communicate your marketing strategy in a way that demonstrates a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and desires. An advertising career opens many doors due to the many ways marketing communication can be done.

Film/Video Editor img

Film/Video Editor – $52k per year

Film editors are also known as visual effects artists. They combine footage from feature films, television shows, documentaries, and industrial videos. To make the overall story more seamless and enjoyable, they manipulate the plot, score, sound, and graphics. 

Your opportunities range from working for a Youtuber to Hollywood. And Hollywood knows that the skills of a good film editor can save an average film from becoming mediocre. In some cases, the film editor will be chosen before cast members and script doctors.

Art Director img

Art Director – $65k per year

Art Directors, artists, and designers usually work together on visual projects from movies to games. A message’s visual style is determined by how it is communicated to its audience. When collaborating with artists, they articulate their vision. According to the art director’s vision, the artists create illustrations, graphics, photographs, charts, and graphs, or design stage and movie sets.

Career Prospects in Fine Arts

For the jobs above, the labor market is looking good. According to WorkBC, becoming a marketing specialist is a high opportunity job. Between 2019 and 2029, about 4,000 positions were expected to open. This is slightly above average for most job openings.

Study Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at UVIC

Are you curious about how to turn creativity into tangible solutions for the world? Or are you an artsy person that wants to express your creativity in innovative ways? You will become an all-around artist with UVIC’s program.

You’ll learn a lot about art and be able to improve your artistic talent, but UVic doesn’t stop there. Depending on what area of art you’re interested in, they can also teach you writing, business, and communications while not straying too far from art. 

Most of all, you’ll have fun pursuing your passion for education and your career. UVic fosters a supportive learning environment that gives students their best chance at succeeding. 

Admissions Requirements for the BFA

UVic’s Fine Arts Faculty has its own set of special requirements. It’s difficult to be exact because the requirements change every year. As an international student, there is a list of things you’ll need to accomplish to qualify for a BFA.

  • Complete one full year of study in a Bachelor’s level of study
    • Average of “B” grade on the twelve most recent courses

If you don’t meet that, then you’ll have to meet high school entrance requirements for Year 1. UVic doesn’t explicitly say what these requirements are, but you can count on:

  • Grade of at least 67% in English 12 OR 6.5 IELTS Score
  • Grade of at least 67% in Maths 11
  • A portfolio

Learn more at UVIC’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

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