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a picture of lafarge lake surrounded by fall trees
SD43: Opening Doors for International Students
a picture of lafarge lake surrounded by fall trees

SD43: Opening Doors for International Students

The hilly area that the Burrard Inlet pushes towards is home to none other than a diverse and family-oriented community: the Tri-Cities. Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, and Port Moody are grouped together as one entity so all the schools present are under School District 43 (SD43). 

The members of SD43 reflect its safe and affluent community; they are colourful, and capable of accomplishing anything. It is considered a wonderful school district that any child could learn in. 

The Tri-Cities

Even though Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, and Port Moody are their own separate cities, they’re also small enough to be grouped into one entity. Whichever city you decide to reside in, you can be sure to have quality living standards.

Within the Tri-Cities, you get to experience every kind of environment. Coquitlam has hills with untouched forests that provide fresh air everyday. It’s also the biggest and most developed of the three, complete with its own mall and train stations for easy access to downtown Vancouver. 

Port Moody is a quickly developing city. Lots of construction is happening to create homes for new residents, such as international students. It’s close to an extension of the sea and even has a few lakes nearby. 

As for Port Coquitlam, it’s the furthest east and is the quietest town. Although very urban, it’s also known for having a centre that feels like you were sent back in time. It’s a great place to live if you want to be just close enough to the city, but far away enough to get some peace and quiet. 

Custodianship and Homestays

It’s the parents’ responsibility to find a homestay for their children. Fortunately, SD43 already provides some resources.

In short, custodianship is an official declaration that dictates that the child will have a safe place to live. Two documents have to be submitted. One is done by the homestay caretaker in Canada; it states proper living amenities have been provided. The other document is done by the parents of the international student, and it states that they have consented to that particular homestay caretaker. 

These documents have to be submitted before applications can even be filled out. These forms are for the safety of everyone involved. 

Admissions to SD43

Once there is a custodianship and homestay caretaker established, then the application forms can be filed. The application forms can be found directly on the SD43 site. It can be found alongside brochures and course information. The application form also contains information regarding both mandatory and optional documents. SD43 makes the application process smooth.  

Student Permits

After students get their letter of admission, that is when they can apply for a student permit. The letter of admission will be used for the permit application. Applying for the study permit is the main reason why students and their parents should apply early. There may be a backlog so to minimise delays, apply early.

More Information

At SD43, the tuition per year is $16,500/year. That’s just for the tuition and not homestay funds. The total could come around $20,000 to $30,000 a year. This also doesn’t include the application fees. 

However, it’s not enough to have just $30,000 a year. Some other expenses such as groceries, joining sports clubs or extracurricular classes, and social activities have to be considered. The student will not be able to work so it’s important for parents to be ready to fully fund their child. 

After High School

When the student finishes high school, they and their family can decide to continue studying in Canada. With a Canadian high school diploma, post-secondary schools will not require an IELTS score. Applications will go much more smoothly than directly applying from a different country. Even so, the student will still be considered as an international student and will have to pay international fees. 

There are many post-secondary options around Coquitlam. Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia are top choices for students. There are also colleges like Douglas or Langara that can act as a buffer between high school and university. 

British Columbia has some of the best universities in Canada. Most of them are in close proximity to the Coquitlam school district.

Why SD43

With over 30,000 students across 70 schools, SD43 offers something for everyone. They have online courses and special education courses, complete with supportive staff. Attending a school in SD43 guarantees that you’ll have a well-rounded education.

SD43 is declared as one of the best school districts in the province of British Columbia and it’s clear why. The district is one of the most advanced, with updated technology and equipment for the best student experience. It is also home to the most successful international education program.

Students that graduate from a secondary school in SD43 typically go to Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. They’ll be able to attend prestigious schools while staying local. These universities have great communities and amazing international student programs. 

Source: Coquitlam Intl Education
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