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Why International Students Should Study at Ryerson University International College (RUIC)

Why International Students Should Study at Ryerson University International College (RUIC)

Ryerson University is a well-known comprehensive university and it was founded in 1948. Unlike the traditional academic practices at the University, focusing mainly on theory. Ryerson University believes that students should also have access to hands-on experience, allowing them to learn in real life.


Advantages of Ryerson University

  • Ranked 12th in Canada for Comprehensive Universities (MacLean Magazine 2021)
  • Offers more than 55 undergraduate and 60 graduate degree programs in 8 departments
  • The school has more than 125 research centers, institutions and laboratories
  • More than 225,000 alumni worldwide
  • The school has more than 39,000 undergraduate students and 2,700 master students from 146 countries in the world
  • 90% of co-op co-op graduates get jobs before graduation

Advantages – Ted Rogers School of Management

  • 6th best business school in Canada (Academic Ranking of World Universities)
  • One of the largest paid internship programs in Canada
  • Canada’s largest business school with 12,000 students
  • Business Career Center – 11 career advisors providing personalized advice on co-op opportunities
  • Regular career-focused educational boot camps (e.g. Data Analytics, Financial Modeling, Salesforce, Marketo, Business Communication, etc.); upon completion of each module, students receive badges and certificates that can be used on their LinkedIn profiles

Advantages – Environmental and Urban Sustainability

  • The programme integrates social, natural and applied disciplines related to environmental and sustainability issues
  • Programs include field trips and research projects in the field, workshops by working professionals; participation in a capstone group project where you will prepare a report for external clients.
  • Opportunities to take part in internships during the summer after the second and third year of study
  • Options for future career: Work for the government, private companies (eg MTR, Kinmen), and consultant for NGOs

Advantages – Architectural Science

  • This program is the only undergraduate program in Canada that integrates architecture, building science and project management. When combined with the Master’s program, it forms a program of study accredited by the Canadian Architectural Accreditation Board (CACB).
  • Students will use fully equipped manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art computer modeling and simulation laboratories, and personal studio workstations, accompanied by skilled technicians.
  • Outstanding students can apply for a competitive co-op program with a salary after successful completion of their third year.
  • Design studios and immersive, hands-on projects ensure students graduate with the perspective and skills needed to collaboratively guide design and construction projects from start to finish.

RUIC is an international college belonging to Ryerson University that provides undergraduate preparatory courses leading to Ryerson University. The UTP II key courses are designed for international students. After completing the first-year program, Students will be able to transfer to Ryerson University.

The Reasons Why International Students Should Study at Ryerson University International College (RUIC)

  • RUIC is located on the main campus of the university
  • Students are taught by university and college professors
  • Courses are for college credit
  • Small class teaching of 30-40 people
  • Gave access to University facilities and services (including libraries, computer labs, recreational facilities, on-campus housing and health services)
  • Academic tutoring and personal support are provided
  • Enrolment Data: January, May, September
  • Satisfy the GPA for further studies in the admission notice, there is no limit to the number of places, and further studies are guaranteed
  • Receive a joint offer of admission to the RUIC bridge program and the second year study of the relevant degree at RU

What Are the Advantages of RUIC?

  • Additional academic and English support
  • Small-size class
  • Longer learning hours
  • Guaranteed progress
  • There is no math requirement to enter Business Administration
  • Psychology and Environment and Urban Sustainability No Science Requirements

Ryerson University International College provides international students with 3 majors that can be applied for, connecting more than 10 majors at Ryerson University. Students will complete at least 10 courses with a total of 10-11 credits depending on their major. This is equivalent to one year of full-time study. In Ontario, institutions use one course = 1 credit.

  • Business Management (BComm)
  • International Economics and Finance (BA)
  • Arts (BA)

What Courses Are Required for Your Chosen Major at the Stage of UPTII?

Business Management (BComm) and International Economics and Finance (BA)


Arts (BA)


Required GPA for University Transfer (Ryerson University)

Business Management (BComm)

  • Complete 10 credits of study
  • CGPA 3.0/4.33

International Economics and Finance (BA)

  • Study should complete 10 credits
  • CGPA 2.67/4.33

Arts (BA)

  • Complete 10 credits of study
  • AI% ENMI CGPA 3.3/4.33
  • One other major meets CGPA1.67/4.33

Entry Requirement for the stage of UPTII

Liberal Arts and Business Administration major

  • Domestic high school students: graduated from high school; average score of 70 points or more in 4 main courses in senior three
  • Canadian local students: graduated from high school, with an average score of 65 or more in 4 grade 12 courses

International Economics and Finance Major

  • Domestic high school students: graduated from high school; the average score of 4 main courses in senior three is above 70, and the score in mathematics of senior three is not less than 80.
  • Canadian local students: graduated from high school, with an average score of 65 or more in 4 grade 12 courses, and a minimum score of 67 in Mathematics
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