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hand holding sauce and put it on food / culinary arts
Study Culinary Arts at SaskPoly
hand holding sauce and put it on food / culinary arts

Study Culinary Arts at SaskPoly

Perhaps one of the most sought after skills that will always be in demand is the skill in culinary arts. Like most things, skills can be sharpened and if you have a passion for cooking, then take it to the next level and make a career out of it with SaskPoly.

Types of Jobs with Culinary Arts

  • Baker/Pastry Chef – The cafe culture is blowing up currently and thus will need more unique approaches to every day cakes and pastries.
  • Chef/Sous-Chef – Chefs and Sous Chefs typically work in high-end restaurants and hotels. They are the leaders of the kitchen, preparing food and making sure everything is going right. 
  • Cake Designer – Aesthetic food has taken over foodie culture. In order for your product to capture the eyes, it must be a good design.
  • Restaurant Manager – Those who graduated in culinary arts can also open up their own restaurant or work their way to management at the restaurant they started at. 

The types of jobs that are available to you don’t stop here. The food industry goes far and wide, opening opportunities for you to work anywhere. 

Program Details

In two years, you can complete your Culinary Arts Diploma with Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Within those two years, you’ll get hands-on experience that will prepare you for your career the moment you graduate. Whether you will open up your own restaurant, work in a fine French restaurant, or become a caterer, SaskPoly will prepare you.

Some of the topics that SaskPoly will cover during your time there include:

  • Fine dining
  • Meat cutting and cooking
  • World cuisines
  • Baking and pasty
  • Special event cooking
  • Wines and beverages

The list goes on. Within your two years of study, you will have experimented with every kind of food and cuisine imaginable. 

Admission Requirements

English Requirements

There are a number of ways you can prove that your English knowledge is sufficient to receive instructions in English. You can do this with:

  • Duolingo English Test
  • CAEL
  • CanTest
  • High School Diploma in an English Speaking Country

Look through SaskPoly’s English Proficiency Requirements to see your options. The above list is non-exhaustive and depending on which country you’re from or where you last studied, you may be able to find a way around it. 

Advantages of Culinary Arts

Advantages of Culinary Arts

The art of food transcends languages and borders. Your knowledge and experience of the craft can be taken around the world. For example, you can work on cruise lines, where you’ll literally be shipped around the world. Or you can travel to a country that you’ve always wanted to work in and you can do that with culinary arts. 

The demand for cooks and kitchen staff will also always be in demand. As foodie culture is growing, the need is there to satisfy more expectant palettes to try things they’ve never seen before. 

Advantages of SaskPoly

What many schools don’t offer is the ability to transfer your prior knowledge to the equivalent at the school. However, with SaskPoly, students can show their past credentials and credit it for something similar during their time at SaskPoly.

SaskPoly offers two options if you already have knowledge and skills under your belt. One is the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. In order to see if you’re qualified and what can be transferred, you must contact the head of the program.

The other option is Transfer Credit. Some foreign courses are eligible for credits at SaskPoly. This is super helpful because you get to save time and money, instead of having to take a course in something you already know. 

Advantages of SaskPoly

Source: Careers with Culinary Arts
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