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University Pathways at ILAC

Before attending university in Canada, there’s an English requirement that needs to be met. For some, it can be a daunting standard, but with ILAC, you’ll be prepared to take on the IELTS and pass with flying colors. 

International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC)

The ILAC is an institution that supports students on their English language learning journey and is partnered with several other post-secondary schools. They have two campuses, one in Toronto and one in Vancouver. They are the top English school in Canada, having the most awards such as Mark of Excellence awards and Consumer Choice Awards. They take in students from over 90 countries and help them achieve their dreams.

ILAC’s Purpose

Many students who enroll at ILAC are looking to improve their English. One of the requirements to be an international student in Canada is to meet a certain IELTS score. Typically, it’s approximately a score of 6.5, but not everyone can meet that expectation. ILAC’s goal is not only to help students reach the minimum IELTS score but to set them up for success beyond the classroom and exams. 

Why Choose ILAC

  • Excellent Student Service – Amongst the multitude of staff, 40 languages can be spoken to provide the best possible experience for students at ILAC.
  • Top Tier Teachers – ILAC’s teachers are reputable and are TESOL trained. They have years of teaching under their belt and can elevate the learning experience.
  • Modern Facilities – With two campuses in Toronto and Vancouver, ILAC’s students also have the chance to have a good lifestyle and living conditions. According to UNESCO, those two cities are one of the best cities to live in.
  • Socially Responsible – ILAC recognizes the role they play in students’ lives and advocate global peace through their teaching standards and by the charities they support.

On top of all that, they are a renowned school for teaching English. Students who graduate from ILAC come out feeling satisfied with their education and with a better handle on the English language that they can utilize in real- life scenarios. 

Because they have so many partners, your options remain open after you obtain your certificate of completion from ILAC. The academy can help you decide on a school that you can continue at or you can explore on your own while you’re in Canada. 

University Partners

ILAC is partnered with over 80 post-secondary institutions across Canada. Some notable mentions are Douglas College, Fanshawe College, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic University. If you’re curious to see all the schools that are partnered with ILAC, you can have a look at their full list of partners

ILAC also has another list of partners specifically for students interested in pursuing a Master’s Degree. Some schools include Thompson Rivers University and The University of the Fraser Valley. Have a look at their full list of Masters partners to see if the school of your choice is there. 

Once you have an understanding of who the partners are and you’ve chosen one, have a look at each partner’s expectations. Each institution will have different standards based on what program you’re interested in. All the information is conveniently compiled for you by ILAC on this list.

University Pathways at ILAC

At ILAC, there are a few options that students can take, depending on their age or their target of study. However, if your English level is below a certain threshold, you will not be able to go straight away into university-level English. 

If you are a beginner in English, the entire program could take you about a year. If you already have a strong understanding of English, it could take you about six months or less. 

University Pathway 19+ – The pathway for young adults to enter university in Canada.

  • Focus on skills such as oral and written communication
  • IELTS preparation
  • Essay writing
  • Research skills

University Pathway 16-18 – Similar to University Pathway 19+; this time the program is adjusted for younger learners.

  • IELTS preparation
  • Time management
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Critical thinking

Online Classes

ILAC also offers an online course called ILAC Kiss Virtual. The schedules are more flexible and offer classes that coincide with your local timezone. They offer 20 lessons a week and you can choose between a Monday to Friday schedule or a Sunday to Thursday schedule. The one thing to note is that you’ll still need a study permit if you wish to take online classes for more than six months.

Once you have completed your studies, you are ready for the IELTS exam. When you have taken it and have met the requirements to study in Canada, you can then apply for a Canadian school. You can choose from ILAC’s partner schools or something of your choice. 

Getting Started

  1. Build your study plan with an agent or a Pathways Specialist at ILAC
  2. Fill in your application 
  3. Apply for a student visa and permit when you get your Letter of Acceptance

Tuition Fees

At ILAC, students are required to pay a registration fee and material fee with their program fee. Program fees are based on a weekly fee, in which the more weeks you sign up for, the less your weekly fee is. Meaning, if you sign up for a 40-week program, you’ll have to pay $390 per week as opposed to a 10-week program where you’ll have to pay $430 a week. 

If the prices of in-person classes are a little too steep for you, the online classes are more affordable and can be done from anywhere in the world. If you sign up for more than 24 weeks of classes, your fees will amount to $135 per week. 

Sources: About ILAC

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