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person walking on a path with school building on their left / pathways at WLIC
University Pathways at WLIC
person walking on a path with school building on their left / pathways at WLIC

University Pathways at WLIC

Sometimes, there are obstacles in your way to get to the school of your dreams. Thankfully, universities and colleges recognise this and want to help students transition to their target university. One of these schools is the WLIC.

What is WLIC?

In short, the Wilfrid Laurier International College (WLIC) is a transition school that many international students choose to do before they enter Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU). Schools such as WLIC assist their students in different areas.

Transition into Canadian Culture – Coming into a new country will naturally lead to culture shock. At WLIC, a supportive team of instructors and staff are there to help you learn more about Canadian culture.

Improve English Skills – At WLIC, the English entry requirement isn’t as high as WLU or other universities. You will have the opportunity to gain more English knowledge and eventually see results when you take your next English exam. 

Build Community – Along with culture shock, it can be scary moving to a country where you don’t know anyone. Attending WLIC can help combat this because it’s smaller and less daunting than going straight into university. Those class sizes are typically in the hundreds. 


The first stage of your time at WLIC is expected to last two terms, which is approximately eight months. During those two terms, you will take introductory courses that can help you decide what you want to take in the next stage. 

Some of the courses that you could take include:

  • Beginning with Algebra
  • Business Management
  • Foundations of Mathematics
  • Introduction to Computers and their Applications
  • Introduction to Computing Concepts and Algorithms
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Mathematics
  • Introduction to Philosophical Reasoning
  • Introduction to University Writing
  • World Issues

The mandatory course that you must take is Introduction to our Learning Community 101. There is a special exam that you will be required to take and you must also pass it in order to proceed to the next stage and therefore into WLU.

WLIC also offers a bonus to more advanced students. During your UTP I, if you maintain a 70% average in four of the courses in addition to passing one of the Learning Community/Skills exam. 

When you have completed UTP I, you will move up to UTP II.


Upon successful completion of UTP Stage I, you can choose from a number of options in UTP Stage II. They include:


Under Arts UTP II, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about economics, psychology, and communications. They’re all designed to give you a glimpse of what’s to come in your future at WLU as a Bachelor’s of Arts.

In order to qualify for WLU’s Bachelor’s, you’ll need to graduate with a GPA of 5.00, which is equivalent to a C average. In addition, you must have completed 10 courses at WLIC, including a writing intensive one. 

Business and Economics

WLU’s business school is the Lazardis School of Business. They have a large co-op operation and it’s known across Canada. They are proud to announce that their students have had an employment rate of 100% after graduation.

That being said, they also have the highest standard amongst the five UTP II programs. In order to move on to their Business Program, you’ll need to have a GPA of 5.0 in business related courses, which is equal to a B- average.  

Human and Social Sciences

In the faculty of human social science, you’ll find majors such as psychology, criminology, and community health among a whole list of options. The starting courses you’ll take are the same as the Arts UTP II; it’s not until you enter WLU that you can start to diverge from general studies.

Liberal Arts

Some Liberal Arts majors include history, English, law and society, and humanities. Just like Arts and Human and Social Sciences UTP II, Liberal Arts also has the same initial courses. It also has similar requirements in which you will need a 5.00 GPA in order to move forward. 


If you’re interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science at WLU, some options for you include data science, computer science, and financial mathematics. Just like the other pathways (except business), you’ll need a 5.00 GPA coupled with the completion of the courses you 

Bear in mind that the program that you choose in Stage II determines what program you also want to take at WLU. 

Become a Part of WLIC Today

For international students, becoming a student at WLIC is a step towards a bright future. Once you’re WLIC and you do well in your glasses, you are guaranteed entry into WLU, which is a prestigious university with high employment rates. Not only will you get the education you need to transition from high school to university, but you’ll get to meet an awesome community along the way. 

Source: WLIC Official Site
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