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a dental technician putting x-rays over a light / VCC dental technology sciences
VCC’s Dental Technology Sciences Program
a dental technician putting x-rays over a light / VCC dental technology sciences

VCC’s Dental Technology Sciences Program

At VCC, Health Sciences covers three major areas. We have already explored opticianry, now let’s have a look at dental technology sciences. 

Vancouver Community College


Vancouver Community College (VCC) is a post-secondary institution with two campuses in central Vancouver. They are one of the biggest government-accredited colleges in BC, which pride themselves in preparing their students to be industry trained and ready for a job upon graduation.

They have several programs available to international students, from business to arts to healthcare. VCC’s tuition fees are also one of the lowest in BC, making it a popular choice for international students. After completing a full-time certificate, international graduates can apply for a PGWP.

Why Choose Dental Technology Sciences

Studying dental technology sciences is one of those programs that prepares you for a job that you can obtain almost immediately after you graduate. The program can also act as a stepping stone into your career in the dental industry. You can further your education in dentistry or even manage your own business.

Learning about dental health can also lead to you leading a healthier life. You learn more than just making orthodontic moulds; you learn why dental health is important to an overall smooth lifestyle.

What is Dental Technology Sciences?

Dental technology is the practice of using machinery and managing lab work. There’s a lot of work surrounding orthodontic appliances, restorative prostheses, and implant-supported restorations. Some examples of these include making dentures, making bridges, or putting together corrective devices such as braces. 

In short, dental technology is an amalgamation of the art and science of human mouths. It’s assisting the dentist to ensure that the patient has healthy and clean teeth. 

What You’ll Learn

VCC covers a wide scope of dental technology to equip students as much as possible. Not only will you cover the basics of operating dental machinery, but you’ll also discover more about chemistry, biology, business management, and behavioural sciences. 

Check out what’s in store for you at VCC:

  • Operation of oral/dental prostheses and orthodontic appliances
  • Procedures in dental labs and physchem principles regarding oral and dental processes
  • Critical thinking procedures on how to approach problems in practice
  • Dental anatomy, physiology, morphology fundamentals and applications to technology practice
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Behavioural sciences, ethics, legal obligations, communications
  • Problem-solving and literacy skills to revise services

Admission Requirements 

  • A high school diploma equivalent
  • English 12 (min. C+ grade) or demonstration of English Language Proficiency for Dental Tech
  • Human Biology 12 (min C+ grade) or equivalent
  • Knowledge of science and/or mathematics demonstrated through one of the following
    • Chemistry 11 (min C+ grade) or equivalent
    • Maths 11 (min C+ grade) or equivalent
    • Physics 11 (min C+ grade) or equivalent

General Requirements

  • Meet English requirements
  • Must be at least 17 years old or have finished high school
  • All transcripts and educational documents must be official 
Tuition and Fees

At VCC, the base tuition fee for international students is about $41,000CAD. However, that’s not where the payment ends. There will be medical and dental insurance, campus fees, textbooks, and materials. All in all, your total will look closer to $45,000CAD. 


Applications are currently open for the September 2022 term. They are only open to those who already have a valid study permit. If you do not have one yet, hold off until your study permit is approved. 

After Studying: Dental Technician

Upon graduating from VCC’s Dental Technology program, you are ready for your career as a dental technician. While graduating with this degree doesn’t mean you’re limited to being a dental technician, it would just mean you took the unorthodox path. Even so, you’ll still be able to enter the healthcare field. 

The duties of dental technicians will bear a lot of resemblance to what you’ve practised at school. You’ll be working with dental moulds as well as designing and fabricating dental devices for dentures or implants. As a technician, you’ll have multiple responsibilities in the clinic, including administration and assisting the dentists. 

Overall, dental technicians are needed all over Canada and thus British Columbia. They typically have a $50,000 annual salary. Hourly wages are on average $24.00 an hour and can go as high as $42.00 an hour. The job itself isn’t the most high-paying, but it is a stable choice. 

WorkBC estimates that there’ll be nearly 1000 openings in the next few years in British Columbia. Assuming that the same need spans across all of Canada’s provinces, that’s about 10,000 openings throughout the country. 

Sources: VCC Dental Technology Sciences Dental Technician WorkBC
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