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Art & Design Foundations at VFS
Art & Design Foundations at VFS
Art & Design Foundations at VFS

Art & Design Foundations at VFS

Start a new creative chapter in your education or career by starting with Vancouver Film School’s diploma program in Art and Design Foundations. 

Intro to VFS

Vancouver Film School (VFS) is an internationally renowned school of art. Many of their alumni and graduates go on to work on big-name projects, both games, and movies. The school specializes in intensive and condensed programs that last no more than a year. Even so, their students graduate with professional-level skills and portfolios that equip them for a successful career in the film industry.

To have a further look into what the school is about, have a look at our little intro on VFS.

Foundations in Visual Art & Design Education

Why this program is worthy of showcasing is because it’s for virtually anyone. It doesn’t matter if you just graduated high school or if you have been working in your industry for a decade. As long as you have a creative drive, VFS’ Art and Design Foundations program is for you. 

In the program, there are three main areas of focus, which are film, animation, and design. Even so, you’ll still get to experience a little bit of everything in a matter of twelve months, including some acting and camera basics. 

As you move forward through the program, you will learn more advanced techniques in drawing and design. It’ll then culminate at the end of the year with a final project where you will get to showcase the skills you picked up. 

The Pros of Taking a Foundations Program

To reiterate, the greatest advantage is that this foundations program is for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your past education is. The requirements and standards aren’t even that high, especially for an internationally known institution. The only thing that matters is your willingness to learn. 

The programs are also rather short. If you’re not willing to do years and years of school, you can save your time and tuition by taking VFS’ year-long programs. You get a quality education in something you love for a fraction of the time and money.  

Options after Finishing

Another reason why taking a foundations course is worthwhile is because it gives you time to decide what you want to move on to next. Whatever you choose, the advisors at VFS will help you accomplish that. Overall, there are three main directions that you go after you finish the foundation’s program.

Another Program at VFS

Many of the full programs at VFS require a portfolio or successful completion of their foundation’s program. Because you finish with a portfolio at the end of the foundation’s program, you can use that to get into the level.

While this option isn’t necessary to start your career, it is helpful, especially if you want to master a specialization. 

University Pathway

Similar to the above option, many students move on to another post-secondary institution. The reason is that VFS only grants diplomas and certificates. If you want to have a Bachelor’s or even a master’s, then you’ll have to think about furthering your education elsewhere.

VFS advisors are aware of students that want to take this route and have partnered with several schools around the globe, so you can go to major schools in Europe. 

You might be more interested in this pathway if you plan to get a PGWP. Although VFS is a DLI, they do not have the authority to offer PGWPs. For you to get a PGWP, you will have to upgrade your education at another university.

Straight into the Art Industry

The film and art industry is one of the most flexible workforces. Education may not matter as much as your portfolio when you’re applying for jobs. Since you will finish an industry-level and professional portfolio at the end of the foundation’s program, you can go ahead and use it to apply for jobs. The jobs don’t even have to be in Canada; they can be anywhere in the world or in your home country. 

VFS: Step Toward your Creative Career

There are three start dates throughout the calendar year. All you have to do is apply a couple of months before the start date. There are no program-specific requirements, but international students do have to pass English proficiency tests and be medically insured. 

Admissions & Tuition

There are no specific deadlines for when you should submit your application. The program has three different start dates every calendar year, one in May, one in August, and one in October. Give yourself enough time to complete the application before classes start.

As for tuition, for one year at VFS, it will be around $31,000CAD. That is not including books or any equipment that you’ll need. You’ll have access to some programs at VFS but be ready to download software that may require you to pay as well.

Sources: VFS Art Foundations Curriculum Foundations Overview
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