Be a Part of Alberta’s Growing Tech Scene at SAIT

Alberta has introduced new immigration pathways to accommodate the province’s quickly growing tech industry. As a result, SAIT has also modified its programs for international students who are interested in this immigration pathway.

The Accelerated Tech Pathway

As part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, the Accelerated Tech Pathway was conceptualized to support and strengthen Alberta’s professional environment. 

The reason they want to push for tech professionals is that Alberta is the base for more than three thousand technology companies. These companies are growing in which 43% of start-ups have raised over $1milUSD, have a revenue greater than $1milCAD, and have promoted economic growth by creating jobs.

Despite Albertan companys’ success, they are still in need of people to fill in open positions. The current population in the province isn’t enough to support these businesses and is open to immigrants who are interested in tech.

About the South Alberta Institute of Tech

The South Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) was first established in 1916 and has always put its focus on technology, promoting a community of students who are thinkers, creators, and champions. With their goals set on making the future brighter, students are given action-based education where they can practice essential and practical skills. 

SAIT is also more than just a school; they also work to serve the immediate needs of the community. That includes training international students for work in Canada, pushing Canada’s economy forward, and giving new opportunities for people from around the globe. 

SAIT Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services program is designed for students who are interested in playing a critical role as technological professionals. At SAIT, students get hands-on experience with software and hardware while also building their critical thinking and consulting skills.

Potential Careers & Average Salaries
  • Junior network analyst ($79,000CAD)
  • Monitoring operations center analyst ($62,000CAD)
  • Data entry specialist ($41,000CAD)
  • Junior application support analyst ($79,000CAD)
  • Service desk technician ($56,000CAD)

SAIT Software Development

Compared to InfoTech, the Software Development Program is dedicated to teaching students exclusively about computer software, including computer languages, web development, and software design. Students who finish the program play vital roles in keeping modern businesses running smoothly. 

Potential Careers & Average Salaries
  • Software developer ($97,000CAD)
  • Software quality assurance analyst ($79,000CAD)
  • Junior developer ($80,000CAD)
  • Full-stack developer ($84,000CAD)
  • Junior programmer ($87,000CAD)

Admission Requirements

Completion of the following courses or equivalents is required for both of the aforementioned programs:

  • At least 50% in Math 30-1 or Pure Maths 30, or at least 60% in Math 30-2 or Applied Math 30,
  • At least 55% in English Language Arts 30-1, or at least 60% in English Language Arts 30-2.
  • All applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency prior to admission, including students educated in Canada.

SAIT accepts high school course equivalents for admission. If you don’t meet the requirements, consider Academic Upgrading.

SAIT evaluates international documents for admissions. After you’ve applied, consider our international document assessment service if your education is from outside of Canada. 

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is the same for both the Software Development program and InfoTech Program. For international students, the total tuition fee for an entire school year will cost about $23,600CAD. It can be broken down into four parts: the base tuition fee, the SAIT fees, Salsa fees, and insurance. 

The SAIT fees include public transit passes, technology fees, and recreation fees. Books and supplies are not included in the tuition declared on the site so your total may break $24,000CAD. 

Apply for SAIT Soon!

If you wish to attend SAIT in the Fall of 2022, apply as soon as you can! The applications officially close on May 24th, 2022. If you happen to miss that deadline, SAIT’s winter intake for 2023 will be opening on March 30th, 2022.

While you have a large window of time to complete the applications, the sooner you start, the easier it will be to gather the correct information and documents. 

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