Burnaby School District Summer Session for Elementary Students

Summertime is just around the corner and no one can deny the fact that it is the most vibrant time of the year as it helps students reconnect with their friends, peers, and teachers. 

SD41 Overview

The Burnaby School District is the fourth largest in BC. The District operates 41 elementary and eight secondary schools, including a range of district programs and Provincial Resource Programs. Also, the district employs dedicated instructors and staff who are committed to providing students with innovative and high-quality programs to ensure student achievement in areas like

  • Academics 
  • Athletics
  • Trades Training
  • Visual And Performing Arts
  • Social Responsibility
  • Leadership

These programs help in shaping students’ personality and boosts their confidence.

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Experience Academic Life in Burnaby

Burnaby School District Summer Session for Secondary Students

Summer Courses at SD41

The Burnaby School District (SD41) is excited to once again offer outstanding summer programs for Burnaby students as well as students from neighboring districts. With more than 8000 registrations in 2021, the SD41 takes pride in the quality and quantity of the summer program options offered.

The Burnaby School District is currently accepting pre-approvals for the 2022 Summer Session.  Please see below for details.

Save the Dates

 Tuesday, April 5th — Secondary Registration begins

 Tuesday, April 12th — Elementary Registration begins

Pre-Approval is Required for:

  • Students currently attending Grade 12 in a Burnaby public school


  • All students who do not attend a Burnaby public school during the regular session

To register, you will have to provide a Personal Education Number (PEN) and upload a number of documents during this process. Once you have your documents scanned (or in an image format), you can proceed with the pre-approval process.

For more information on the required documents click here.

Participating in SD41 Elementary Schools

Whether you’re looking to give your child summertime enrichment while having fun or you want them to learn new things in an amusing way, this summer session has all you need. There are a plethora of options to choose from. The schools offer morning and afternoon courses so that the students can go during the time most convenient to them.

Schools Offering Morning and Afternoon Courses

  • Marlborough Elementary
  • Sperling Elementary
  • Taylor Park Elementary

Schools Offering Morning Courses Only

  • Armstrong Elementary
  • Brantford Elementary
  • Brentwood Park Elementary
  • Cameron Elementary
  • Capitol Hill Elementary
  • Chaffey-Burke Elementary 
  • Edmonds Community School
  • Inman Elementary
  • Kitchener Elementary 
  • Maywood Community School
  • Nelson Elementary

Courses Offered

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Clay Creations

Play with clay! Students can learn the basics of hand-building clay, and the techniques of pinch, coil, and slab work so that they can make their own creations. This activity teaches them to be creative and patient at the same time.

Comic Creations

Students can show their creativity in writing stories for comic strips using paper, pencil, and iPad technology. They can open their imaginations to entertaining words.


Who wouldn’t want to learn the art of clicking the right picture? Every age group loves it. Basic camera operation and types of photography will be taught in this course so that students can take beautiful pictures.


In this course, students will learn how to work with wood to create their own wooden masterpieces. They will learn how to design wooden articles using safety measurements and expand their knowledge of construction. The learning environment would be absolutely safe and students will be under constant supervision.


These projects will be fun as they involve stitching and sewing woven fabric. It will be engaging and practical and students can learn to make items like face masks or pajama shorts! 

Art & Culture

Dance & Drama

This is something that every student wants to learn. They will be taught Latin dance styles, yoga, poi spinning, and hula hoops which work on building balance and coordination. Separate sessions will be held to enhance the drama skills through purposeful play. Students will also have the opportunity to learn the art of public speaking by doing such activities. 

Music (Primary/Intermediate)

What a fun way to start mornings by playing music! Students will be taught music in a fun manner so that they can play rhythms and melodies on a variety of instruments and even have fun playing musical games.



Students will be using common hand tools to design and build creative solutions in a safe environment. This will give them an experience in hands-on engineering. This course focuses on designing using a variety of materials.

Introduction To Coding

Students will learn and utilize introductory coding skills through hands-on experiential methods. They will learn to use Scratch for coding and be introduced to BeeBots, Minecraft, and other tech coding resources.

Robotics and Design 

Using VEX IQ robots and Tinkercad, students will build and program robots as well as a variety of electronic units. This class will focus on building electronics, technology, teamwork, and thinking skills.

Robotics (Scratch/Sphero)

Using Scratch online coding and Sphero robots, students will work in teams to solve problems, do online animation, and use robots. This class will focus on building teamwork and collaborative skills.


Students can continue to develop their physical abilities through a variety of activities that will help them hone their athletic skills. They will learn the health benefits of regular physical activity and how to access opportunities to be active in the school and community through this fun and informative course.

Activity Programs

You can choose from a variety of activities such as:

  • Movie Making
  • Musical Theatre
  • Visual Arts
  • Electronics
  • Digital Photography
  • Engineering & Machines
  • Fashion Design
  • Frisbee
  • Chess
  • French
  • Spanish

Register your child for these courses now! Not only will they learn and expand their essential skills, but they’ll have fun doing it.  

Please note that the courses and their locations cannot be guaranteed. Course offerings are subject to sufficient enrolment and may be moved or canceled prior to the course start date.

If your child isn’t in elementary school, have a look at the summer courses they provide for secondary students. 

Source –  Burnaby School District Summer Session

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