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June 15, 2020 - Various scenes around campus (photo by Daria Perevezentsev)
International Summer Academy at UofT
June 15, 2020 - Various scenes around campus (photo by Daria Perevezentsev)

International Summer Academy at UofT

The University of Toronto works hard to provide its international students with as much academic support as it can. This includes hosting courses at the International Summer Academy. 

An Overview of UofT

The University of Toronto (UofT) is an attractive school for students all over the world. Many of Toronto’s citizens are not Canadian, making it a vibrant multicultural community. Since Toronto has so many people coming to study, UofT has provided a space for international students to transition comfortably into their new learning environment. 

Courses Offered During the Summer

The summer courses at the academy are specifically for international students who wish to improve their English. They are also for students who still have the potential to enter UofT. If you are already a student at UofT and are wanting to take summer classes, you will have to look outside of the international academy.

International English Program

If you’re looking for an English program for any and all English styles and levels, then UofT has just what you need. The International English Program (IEP) offers intense English learning courses and has a duration of three weeks. The English styles offered are

  • General English Course
  • English for Global Business
  • Academic English Course
  • Speaking & Society
  • University Lecture Series
  • IELTS Preparation Course
  • TOEFL iBT Preparation Course 

Youth International English Program

Although similar to the above program, the Youth IEP (YIEP) is designed for young learners aged 13-18 years old. They do have fewer courses available compared to IEP, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less valuable. The YIEP focuses on preparing students for English proficiency tests and for university-level academic behavior. The courses offered are:

  • General English
  • Academic Preparation
  • Intensive English
  • TOEFL iBT Preparation
  • IELTS Preparation

Pre-University Program

With two sub-programs available, the Pre-University Program prepares high school students for life at UofT. The two options they have are the Advanced Academic Program and the Global Citizenship Program. These programs are more for students who already have a solid handle on English and wish to experience what it’s like going to school in Canada.

Advanced Academic Program

Choose from four-course including

  • World Economics
  • Law, Ethics & Society
  • Film & Cinema Studies
  • Critical Thinking in Statistics

These courses are open only to senior high school students (ages 15-18). You are welcome to combine a morning with an afternoon class, or just take one course. 

Global Citizenship Program

This program is unique to UofT and is fostered by New College. Unlike the Advanced Academic Program, the Global Citizenship Program is designed as an enrichment program with workshops as opposed to a formal class. Students can expect to come out of this as a more mature thinkers. Successful completion also leads to a certificate from New College.

Life at these Programs

Being three week-long activities in another country, UofT’s International Academy guarantees comfortable living spaces for the students. Each student will get their own room, complete with bed and linens, a desk, warm water, and wi-fi access. Food will also be provided at set times. After dinner hours, there’ll be an activity planned by the academy to foster community between the students and demonstrate Canadian culture.

Admission & Costs

Depending on the course you chose, you may need to provide the result of the English proficiency test. If you want to check detailed info, please check here.

Also, the program most likely works on a first-come, first-serve basis. During the application process, there is no need to submit transcripts. 

As for cost, the total will vary depending on what you wish to experience. Meal plans, social activities, and afternoon courses are optional. However, you will need to purchase medical insurance. Expect the cost to start at $1,200CAD to a maximum of $5,000CAD. The price is all-inclusive of fees and courses per three weeks. If you wish to enroll in more courses and stay in Toronto for a little longer, then the total will increase past $5,000CAD. 

Benefits of Enrolling at UofT’s International Academy

Taking summer courses at UofT’s International Academy is the perfect way to spend your summer. Take this opportunity to improve your English skills while making friends with people from all over the world. Students who take this program will come out feeling more confident communicating in English and even have a stronger chance to enter the University of Toronto. 

Sources: UofT International Programs
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