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New IRCC Announcement: Express Entry Draws will Resume

New IRCC Announcement: Express Entry Draws will Resume

Breaking news! On April 22nd, 2022, the IRCC released the following updates. For potential immigrants, this means that draws will soon resume, invitations will begin again in early July, and PGWPs will be extended.

What was the problem?

In short, it was a pandemic. The last two years saw the pause of invitations, which led to a backlog of applications. Thus, the process took much longer than expected and stopped the draws. Because new workers could not immigrate and work in Canada, the labor force has been deeply affected. However, Covid restrictions have been easing up in Canada. This has revealed that many positions have been left empty and employers are scrambling to fill them.

Ultimately, Canada wants to take back what it has lost in terms of its economy. Knowing that they are an attractive destination for immigrants, they are taking full advantage and have set up some temporary policies.

A Summary of the Solution

So many applicants have had their applications delayed by months, if not more than a year. To stop wasting time, here is what they propose to do.

  • Invitations to apply for the following streams will continue until July 2022:
    • Canadian experience class
    • Federal skilled worker class
    • Federal skilled trades class
  • The majority of new applications will be processed within the new six-month standard
  • Former international students with a PGWP expiring between January and December 2022 are eligible for an OWP for up to 18 months
  • Permanent residence decisions will be doubled
  • The amount of OWPs processed will be doubled
  • Visitor status holders currently inside Canada may apply for an employer-specific work permit until February 28, 2023
  • Applicants(The temporary resident to permanent resident pathway) will no longer need to stay in Canada while their application is being processed
  • Applicants(The temporary resident to permanent resident pathway) waiting for their PR will be able to get valid Work permits valid until 2024
  • Immediate family members of principal applicants are eligible for their own OWP(The temporary resident to permanent resident pathway)

Regardless, this is mutually beneficial for both parties. Canada’s economy grows even stronger and new immigrants get to live their dreams of starting fresh in a new country. 

Source: New Measures to Address Labour Shortage

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