Reasons Why Summer Learning is Important for Student Development

Despite the fact that schools have closed for summer, your mind and learning progress should not slow down. Here are some reasons why summer learning is essential.

1. Keep your mind stimulated and sharp 

Keep your mind active during the long holidays to prevent experiencing brain drain and facing a setback once school resumes.

2. Create a positivity toward learning 

During the summer, you can learn without feeling stressed or rushed like you would in the school year. The summer can be a time of relaxation, wandering, creating, and imagining. It could be just what you need to understand a previously difficult concept and stimulate happy and positive feelings toward learning. 

3. Learn to love summer by participating in summer activities

Most schools have activities during summer programs or sessions such as picnics, exploring neighbors, visiting a museum, and enjoying nature. These unique programs inspire you to discover and pursue a new interest.

4. Establish a sense of routine through summer learning 

It’s important to keep all routines during the summer otherwise you’ll face a huge challenge at the end of the summer! Routines are healthy and beneficial, and learning during the summer can ensure your stability and safety. 

5. Feel more confident

It will help build your self-confidence and independence as well as give you a sense of accomplishment to focus on a subject that you find challenging over the summer.

What kind of summer courses are there?

English and Canadian Cultures Courses

Those courses encourage building English competency for academic success in Canada. Not only English skills but also being familiar with the Canadian education environment is beneficial for new students in Canada.

Regular Credit Courses

These are courses for the students who have previously taken the course and did not receive a passing mark in that course. Usually, courses include regular subjects such as Humanities, Math, and Science.

Preview Courses

Students are introduced to courses they have not previously taken. They learn and practice concepts and skills in preparation for the regular course to be taken during the upcoming school year.

Extracurricular Courses

Each school offers unique courses including music, computer programming, fitness, photography, woodworking, and many subjects from science to arts. 

Which schools provide summer courses?

A handful of school districts provide different programs for both elementary and secondary students. Elementary students can explore courses such as photography or art that will expand their skills. Secondary students have the same opportunity as elementary students but have more academic courses available to them. They’ll be able to take enrichment courses or get a headstart for the following school year. 

Most schools provide summer programs and sessions to students who are in Canada or will study in Canada from September. However, depending on schools, they might have a program for international students. 

Burnaby School District 

  • Available for both elementary and secondary students
  • Registration open date: April 5 (Secondary), April 12 (Elementary)

Richmond International Education

  • 3-week summer camp available for grades 3 to 12 
  • 6-week Academic English camps
  • Canadian culture program for students grades 8-12
  • Registration now open until 

Coquitlam School District

  • Available Summer High School Credit Course Program (6 weeks), 
  • Summer Intensive ESL and Cultural Program
  • Registration now open until

Vancouver School Board

  • Information coming soon

Greater Victoria School District

  • Information coming soon

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows International Program

  • Pre-Academic Summer Program
  • 3 weeks in August just before new student orientation in September
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