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Why International Students Should Choose Columbia College


Columbia College takes pride in being one of the reputed and well-established colleges in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is BC’s oldest university transfer educational institution that offers a wide variety of programs and the best part about it is its affordable tuition fees which attract thousands of students every year from all over the world.

The faculties of Columbia College are very supportive and well versed and they leave no stone unturned to prepare students for admission to a university by providing quality academic programs. Columbia College has been offering high school completion programs since 1936. Also, the college campus is safe, vibrant, and diverse making it the student’s first choice.

The aim of the college is to provide pathways to higher education. Columbia College prepares international students for a better future in Canada. Through teaching excellence and significant student support, the Columbia College community values a sound learning environment. Columbia College students benefit from three start dates a year, with intakes in January, May, and September.

Let us discuss various programs at Columbia College.


High school programs will equip the students to be eligible to apply to various Canadian universities. Students will be eligible for direct entry into a university after the completion of the Senior Secondary Program. Depending upon the requirements, students can choose from the various program options.


This program allows students to transfer to any other BC university of their choice. For this, students will have to take up to 60 credits at the first and second-year level at Columbia College, and then they are free to transfer those credits to any other university in British Columbia and all across Canada. Finally, students will graduate with a degree from the university that they chose.

Columbia College makes your University Transfer process smooth because

  • Columbia College instructors are very experienced and supportive
  • class sizes are small and students get individual attention

Programs include Arts, Business, Communication, Computer Science, Engineering, and Science.


These degrees are equivalent to the first two years of a four-year university degree. When you complete it, you can enter into the third year of a university’s Bachelor’s Degree program. 

Associate of Arts Degrees

Programs include Business Administration, Economics, General Arts, Communication, Political Science, Psychology, International Studies & Environmental studies.

Associate of Science Degrees

Programs include Computer Science, General Science, and Mathematics.


Columbia College regularly posts job opportunities on campus. This is beneficial for the students who want to combine their studies with valuable work experience on or off-campus. Study permits allow students to work 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions and full-time between semesters. Students who qualify for post-graduate work permits in Canada can take the advantage of staying and working in the country after graduation.


Individual Career Services are also provided to the Columbia College students through various workshops and programs so that students can prepare for their future jobs well in advance. Services provided are

  • Resume and cover letter improvement
  • Career and employment-themed workshops (networking, enhancing interviewing skills, job search techniques, etc.)
  • Assisting students through formal and informal assessments
  • Mock interviews 
  • Connecting students to resources to enhance job search strategies
  • Building an online presence through LinkedIn
  • Creating networking opportunities for students


Columbia College also offers a comprehensive English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program which is specifically designed to support academic delivery. Experienced instructors are skilled to make adaptations in the curriculum to make sure that all the topics are understood by the students.

You can apply for the courses online or In-person.

The following documents are required:

  • Transcripts of the most recent school results
  • High School Graduation Certificate (for applicants to University programs)
  • Copy of the personal information page in your passport
  • English Proficiency Results – IELTS, TOEFL, etc (if applicable)

The college processes applications upon receipt of all required documents and issues an offer of admission to successful applicants within two weeks.

Click here to check the English language requirements.


Within this system, students can transfer credit for specific courses taken at specific colleges. New transfer information is updated throughout the year which you can check on the BC Transfer Guide.

Also, to be admissible to an academic program (University Transfer), you must:

So, why wait? Check out the courses on the College website and apply for the programs that you have been looking for.

Sources: Columbia College Official Site

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