Continuing Education at UVic

Continuing Education at UVic

A language barrier should never be something that prohibits people from receiving higher education. The University of Victoria has come up with a solution to help international students reach their goals by providing English pathways to university.

The University of Victoria

A university placed in the heart of British Columbia is the University of Victoria (UVic). This post-secondary institution is the first among Canadian comprehensive universities. All of their students are career-ready by the time they graduate.

UVic teaching philosophy is based on three elements: dynamic learning, vital impact, and the academic environment. This results in students and professionals who work sustainably and create healthy societies. 

English Language Centre at UVic

UVic’s educational centre is also known as the ELC. Since 1970, they’ve been providing intensive English programs and have become one of the largest English schools in Canada. The school accepts students from over thirty countries, supporting them throughout their English journey with programs that can last three months at a time. 

The ELC is more than just a few classes a week. It’s all-inclusive of accommodation, meals, and activities. Language is more than just learning how to read, write, and speak it. The ELC desires to introduce English through the lens of Canadian culture. 

Why Choose the ELC

UVic is an internationally acclaimed post-secondary institution and attracts students from around the globe. However, one of the requirements to attend the university is to have a certain English proficiency. UVic doesn’t want to let language barriers get in the way of education. 

During a student’s time at the ELC, they’ll get to finish some of their first-year requirements while improving their English. They won’t have to take the IELTS again and they save time by accomplishing two things at the same time.

On-Campus English Language Centre

For students that have landed in Canada and require English assistance, UVic offers in-person programs for their students to improve their English. Students have a few options to choose from.

Intensive English Program

  • 12 week-long program (18 hrs/week + 4 hours of electives)
  • Workshops 
  • $4,250CAD tuition
  • Jan, Apr, and Sept start dates
  • 6 class levels (Upper beginner to University Prep)
  • General and academic English
  • Cultural assistant staff

Summer Language & Culture 

  • 3 to 6-week duration (20 hrs/week, 60 – 120 total hours)
  • $3,868CAD tuition
  • June, July, & Aug start dates
  • Full calendar of activities with cultural assistants
  • Curriculum uses themes to teach English (Eg: Global Issues, Culture, etc)
  • Focuses more on listening and speaking skills

University Admission Prep 

  • 4-week duration (20 hrs/week)
  • $3,200CAD tuition
  • Develop skills in oral presentations, note-taking, reading academic, and research
  • Weekly writing clinics
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Aug start date

Monthly English 

  • 3 to 6-week duration (20 hrs/week)
  • $1,750CAD tuition
  • Free and optional activities
  • Curriculum uses themes to teach English (Eg: Global Issues, Culture, etc)
  • Intensive schedule (5 hr classes/day)
  • High beginner to University Pathway levels

Pathway Program

  • 12-month duration
  • $36,405CAD tuition
  • 2 streams: Canadian Career or Science & Engineering
  • Finish with 10.5 UVic credits (almost equal to finishing 1st Year)
  • Sept start date
  • Smaller classes
  • Specialized workshops and labs

Online English Classes

These classes are similar to the above programs. The main difference is that these are held online rather than in person. They’re a little cheaper than in-person classes, but do not have the same activities and staff as in-person programs do. Nonetheless, you’ll still receive quality education even if the classes are held online.

University Admission Prep Online

  • 6-week duration (20 hrs/week)
  • $3,200CAD tuition
  • University-level English
  • Access to Uvic’s digital library
  • Academic English courses such as essay writing and oral presentations
  • Canadian studies such as comprehension skills and composition skills
  • MLA and APA citation support

Intensive English Online

  • Intermediate to advanced level English
  • 10-week duration (and 1-week break)
  • $3,295CAD duration
  • Social connect activities offered
  • Access to Uvic’s digital library

English for Global Communication

  • 4-week duration (10 hrs/week)
  • $895CAD tuition
  • Upper beginner to advanced English levels are available
  • Small class sizes
  • Essential professional skills mixed with English
  • Intensive, but also allows students to be flexible

Introducing Cultural Discovery

  • 4-week duration (10 hrs/week)
  • $475CAD tuition
  • New program, starting July 2022
  • Two levels: pre-intermediate & advanced
  • Focuses on global issues
  • Social connect activities

Uvic has you covered for your English language learning needs. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or where you come from. UVic wishes to see you succeed. Choose from online classes to in-person classes filled with activities.  

Sources: About UVic

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